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We need Obama Sworn in NOW!

I know I am not alone in wishing that the Bush – Cheney administration would just end already and the Obama – Biden administration can begin.  That is why we are enthralled with the weekly president-elect’s radio addresses released on YouTube.

This past weekend the New York Times published multiple columns in the opinion section that pretty much said the same thing.

Bush needs to go – We need Obama to begin NOW!

Thomas Friedman and Gail Collins each penned op-eds that hit the nail on the head.

First, Friedman wrote ‘We Found the W.M.D.’

So, I have a confession and a suggestion. The confession: I go into restaurants these days, look around at the tables often still crowded with young people, and I have this urge to go from table to table and say: “You don’t know me, but I have to tell you that you shouldn’t be here. You should be saving your money. You should be home eating tuna fish. This financial crisis is so far from over. We are just at the end of the beginning. Please, wrap up that steak in a doggy bag and go home.”

Now you know why I don’t get invited out for dinner much these days. If I had my druthers right now we would convene a special session of Congress, amend the Constitution and move up the inauguration from Jan. 20 to Thanksgiving Day. Forget the inaugural balls; we can’t afford them. Forget the grandstands; we don’t need them. Just get me a Supreme Court justice and a Bible, and let’s swear in Barack Obama right now — by choice — with the same haste we did — by necessity — with L.B.J. in the back of Air Force One.

Unfortunately, it would take too long for a majority of states to ratify such an amendment. What we can do now, though, said the Congressional scholar Norman Ornstein, co-author of “The Broken Branch,” is ask President Bush to appoint Tim Geithner, Barack Obama’s proposed Treasury secretary, immediately.” Make him a Bush appointment and let him take over next week. This is not a knock on Hank Paulson. It’s simply that we can’t afford two months of transition where the markets don’t know who is in charge or where we’re going. At the same time, Congress should remain in permanent session to pass any needed legislation.

I really want to see Obama sitting in the Oval office today. Seeing the person mostly responsible for our predicament still in office – especially when he just doesn’t care – is infuriating. As long as Bush resides in the White House, our economic situation has no chance of recovering. Worse – it most likely will continue this negative trend.

I agree wholeheartedly that Geither should be appointed by Bush – TODAY!

While touching up this post before publishing it, I received another comment stating that Bush needs to leave office and Obama must take over.

To that end, Collins wrote an op-ed entitled ‘Time for Him to Go’ where she stresses the same need.


Thanksgiving is next week, and President Bush could make it a really special holiday by resigning.

Seriously. We have an economy that’s crashing and a vacuum at the top. Bush — who is currently on a trip to Peru to meet with Asian leaders who no longer care what he thinks — hasn’t got the clout, or possibly even the energy, to do anything useful. His most recent contribution to resolving the fiscal crisis was lecturing representatives of the world’s most important economies on the glories of free-market capitalism.

Putting Barack Obama in charge immediately isn’t impossible. Dick Cheney, obviously, would have to quit as well as Bush. In fact, just to be on the safe side, the vice president ought to turn in his resignation first. (We’re desperate, but not crazy.) Then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would become president until Jan. 20. Obviously, she’d defer to her party’s incoming chief executive, and Barack Obama could begin governing.

Collins makes a great point. Internationally, no one even listens to Bush any longer. I’m sure everyone saw the video of the world leaders snubbing Bush by not shaking his hand. [Sensico has the video here]

Her plan would actually make House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the 44th President of the United States and the first woman to hold that office. Hillary Clinton and (dare I say) Sarah Palin would both still be in the running for first woman ELECTED to the White House.

The problem with this – my civics class for an example here – is that Pelosi would have to resign her House seat. And I’m not quite certain what the rules are off-hand as to filling her seat. Could they leave it empty and let her take it back on January 20th at 12:01 pm? If the power rests with the Republican Governator then this would actually cause more problems for the Democrats – losing a house seat and the Speaker. [Then why wouldn’t the Republicans do this?]

There is a way to accomplish this quickly and easily. Since I am living in Bizarro America – Dick Cheney resigns – since he is feeling guilty about screwing Americans for so long. Bush appoints Obama as vice president. The Senate quickly approves him followed quickly by a Bush resignation. The whole thing could be done in 2 days.

And if Traitor Joe Lieberman votes against the approval of Obama, you take away his gavel once and for all.

Collins is absolutely correct with the next statement:

A great many Americans have been counting the days all year on their 2008 George W. Bush Out of Office Countdown calendars

Friedman closes with:

Conventional wisdom says it’s good for a new president to start at the bottom. The only way to go is up. That’s true – unless that bottom falls out before he starts.

Anyway you look at it; we need to start fixing the problems right now but we still have 8 weeks before Obama is sworn in. So much can happen between now and then. Can it please be January 20th already?

“Can I see a show of hands? How many people want George W. out and Barack in?” – Collins