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How dare Obama bow – but it’s fine for Bush and Nixon

The cable dial was loaded with idiots criticizing President Barack Obama for bowing to the Emperor of Japan.

‘We don’t bow,” these morons cried.  Fox News, CNN, talk radio – the list goes on.  Doesn’t anyone fact check?  Doesn’t anyone do a Google search?

I did hear that President Obama wasn’t the first U.S. president to bow.  Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart and Randi Rhodes all mentioned it.

One doesn’t have to go much farther than George W. Bush to see that a U.S. president does, in fact, bow …

… and hold hands …

… and kiss.

President Obama’s bow was more respectful than President George H.W. Bush throwing up on the Japanese Prime Minister in 1992.

Even President Ronald Reagan bowed when appropriate.

President Dwight Eisenhower bowed to French President Charles De Gaulle in 1959.

Anyone remember that President Richard Nixon bowed to the Emperor of Japan Hirohito?

I’m sick of these pundits feigning anger and shock when a little research easily makes their claims look ridiculous – however their viewers and readers will never know the truth.

Do you really think the gang on Fox & Friends will tell their viewers that they were wrong when they criticized President Obama for respectfully bowing to a world leader since Presidents Bush, Eisenhower and Nixon did so as well?


Is Sarah Palin the next Thomas Eagleton?

[Update: The Huffington Post is reporting that the Intrade Prediction Market Starts Betting On Chance That Palin Will Withdraw From Ticket. Hilarious.]

In 36 years from now, many people may ask who Sarah Palin is just like many of you are wondering who Thomas Eagleton was.

Eagleton was the vice presidential nominee in 1972 with George McGovern against Richard Nixon. So why is he like our illustrious Sarah Palin?

Last Friday, John McCain introduced his new running mate to a head scratching country. Who the hell is Sarah Palin? After 3 short days, the list of dirt has really piled up. This has led to some questions as to how long Palin will actually last on the ticket.

Let me first state that the Republican Party has been an extremely stubborn party in recent years – so the likelihood of admitting a mistake and removing the Alaska governor from the ticket is not going to happen (easily).

The GOP convention – as disorganized as it is – continues this week and may nominate Palin on Wednesday. Maybe the party doesn’t nominate her but someone else. That would be extremely embarrassing for John McCain and the Republican Party. Otherwise, I suspect that she’ll have to pull herself off of the ticket to save face for McCain – though it won’t work because McCain’s judgment will be called into question. We’re already mocking his vetting process – or obvious lack thereof.

We’ve also started questioning his ability to make a decision. When this information began filtering out, he didn’t immediately throw her off the ticket.

Unless the party sticks to its stubborn guns, Palin will probably have to drop off the ticket and into infamy with Mr. Eagleton.

Thomas Eagleton was a U.S. Senator from Missouri. In 1972, he was selected as George McGovern’s VP nominee with obviously little vetting. (sound familiar?) The extent of the vetting was only a question to Eagleton – Is there anything in your background that could be an embarrassment to this campaign? He answered that there wasn’t.

Oh, but there was. What he neglected to tell the campaign was he had been hospitalized 3 times for depression and he twice received treatment which involved ‘electroshock therapy’.

When the rumors broke about this shocking news (horrible pun intended), McGovern supported Eagleton. “I think Tom Eagleton is fully qualified in mind, body and spirit to be the vice president of the United States and, if necessary, to take on the presidency on a moment’s notice.”

A few days later, after mounting pressure from the Democratic Party, McGovern forced Eagleton to withdraw from the ticket. Question of McGovern’s decision-making became a central issue – though Nixon would have won the election anyway.

He lasted just 18 days on the ticket. Will Sarah Palin break this record or will GOP stubbornness rule the day?