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Hypocrite Joe Wilson celebrates MLK

Calling Joe Wilson a hypocrite is like calling Cold Stone’s Oreo Overload an incredibly delicious treat.

The man who went from obscurity to Teabagger Icon by yelling ‘you lie’ at President Obama as he gave a speech to Congress last September tweeted the following to honor the life and memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Today we honor a man who committed his life to ensuring equal opportunity for all Americans.”

“Although his life was cut tragically short, Dr. King’s message of freedom, equality and opportunity still thrives today.”

“Dr. King’s cause of justice inspired millions and today we celebrate noble life and memory.”

Those are great sentiments if I thought for one second that he believed them.

‘Opportunity for ALL Americans.’  ‘Message of freedom, equality and opportunity still thrives today.’ 

As part of the far right fringe, Wilson staunchly supports the position that gays cannot marry.  How is that for equality?

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision of Roe v Wade held the position that a woman could abort her pregnancy up until the “point at which the fetus becomes viable.”  Obviously, the United States Supreme Court’s decision is not good enough for Wilson.

Millions of Americans cannot get health insurance and others are unable to afford insurance thus risking financial ruin if they have a catastrophic illness.  It begs the question, why doesn’t Joe Wilson believe that all Americans should have access to affordable health insurance and quality health care as he and all members of Congress currently enjoy?  How does this honor MLK’s life and memory?

Dr. King was committed to ensuring equal opportunity for all Americans. 

Joe Wilson, using Twitter to share the above comments, is committed to obstruction, inequality and divisive politics and as such is a candidate for Hypocrite of the Year and we are less than 3 weeks into 2010.