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Hypocrite Joe ‘You Lie’ Wilson honored to serve Wendy’s customers

Joe Wilson is best known for yelling ‘you lie’ at President Obama during an address to Congress last year and became a hero to Rush Limbaugh and the Teabagger crowd.

On Wednesday, he Tweeted on his @CongJoeWilson Twitter account

I was so honored to serve customers at Wendys in Irmo!

It linked to a blog post on his campaign website complete with a photo op.  Here’s the posting:

How’d you like to have a Congressman serving you up lunch?  For some folks at Wendy’s in Irmo, Joe Wilson was the guy manning the drive-thru window, as part of his Joe Means Jobs tour.

The event that attracted all the TV cameras was Congressman Wilson donning an apron serving up some lunch.

Unknowing customers got quite the treat when they pulled up to have Joe serve up their burgers and fries at the drive-up window.  The Irmo Wendy’s employs around 11 to 13 workers per shift.  Being up close during the busy lunch hour gave Joe a firsthand idea of how hard South Carolinians are working.

In case you’re curious, Joe says his favorite item at Wendy’s is the Chili.

{Note:  At the time of this posting, this posting was removed from Wilson’s campaign website however the Tweet was still up on his Twitter account.}

Joe Wilson serving up food for a photo op

Even his campaign’s jobs posting admits to the photo op – ‘the event that attracted all the TV cameras …’.

Unknowing customers received quite the treat when they saw Joe serving them their food.  Seriously, how many Americans would recognize their United States Congressman or Senator on the street?  Unless of course, they saw the TV camera and ‘Joe Means Jobs’ on his apron.

Lastly, this Joe Means Jobs is all well and good but get real – if the jobs are at Wendy’s, then we’re in some serious trouble.  When I was a child, fast food restaurant jobs were filled by high school dropouts in the morning and high school students during the nights and weekends. 

My first real job was at Burger King and I don’t recall any real adults there except the manager and the assistant manager who left for a brief period to attend BKU (Burger King University) – I’m not making that up.

The articles that hit the papers were titled:

It’s no lie.  Joe Wilson serves up fast food.

It’s cute but I’m kind of put off by the title because it trivializes the level of the disrespect Wilson showed the President.  Republicans were even offended and told Wilson to apologize to POTUS.  That is until Rush Limbaugh hailed Wilson as the conquering hero and the martyr because he was pummeled in the media for his offense.

From the It’s no lie article.

“We have some of the highest taxes in the world,” said Congressman Joe Wilson.  “That makes it very difficult for us to compete with Europe, with Asia.  So we need to reduce taxes.”

A simple Google search indicates that Wilson is referring only to the Corporate tax rate.  Documentation does support that numerous states have higher corporate tax rates than many other countries.

What Wilson is ignoring is that the tax rate on individuals in the United States ranks among the lowest worldwide.

What this tells me is that Wilson’s priority is to the corporations.

He was honored to serve Wendy’s customers and corporate interests.  As far as his Individual constituents – not so much.

Lower the Corporate tax rate – More Individual jobs at Wendy’s.


Sources for Tax Rate information:

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Think your taxes are bad?  (no date but I suspect it’s from 2006) – MSN Money Central


Hypocrite Joe Wilson celebrates MLK

Calling Joe Wilson a hypocrite is like calling Cold Stone’s Oreo Overload an incredibly delicious treat.

The man who went from obscurity to Teabagger Icon by yelling ‘you lie’ at President Obama as he gave a speech to Congress last September tweeted the following to honor the life and memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Today we honor a man who committed his life to ensuring equal opportunity for all Americans.”

“Although his life was cut tragically short, Dr. King’s message of freedom, equality and opportunity still thrives today.”

“Dr. King’s cause of justice inspired millions and today we celebrate noble life and memory.”

Those are great sentiments if I thought for one second that he believed them.

‘Opportunity for ALL Americans.’  ‘Message of freedom, equality and opportunity still thrives today.’ 

As part of the far right fringe, Wilson staunchly supports the position that gays cannot marry.  How is that for equality?

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision of Roe v Wade held the position that a woman could abort her pregnancy up until the “point at which the fetus becomes viable.”  Obviously, the United States Supreme Court’s decision is not good enough for Wilson.

Millions of Americans cannot get health insurance and others are unable to afford insurance thus risking financial ruin if they have a catastrophic illness.  It begs the question, why doesn’t Joe Wilson believe that all Americans should have access to affordable health insurance and quality health care as he and all members of Congress currently enjoy?  How does this honor MLK’s life and memory?

Dr. King was committed to ensuring equal opportunity for all Americans. 

Joe Wilson, using Twitter to share the above comments, is committed to obstruction, inequality and divisive politics and as such is a candidate for Hypocrite of the Year and we are less than 3 weeks into 2010. 



A-Hole of the Year Award – Joe Wilson

Granted there have been many nominees this year.  The most recent was Kanye West , courtesy of his inappropriate comments at last night’s MTV VMA’s.  Serena Williams also deserves some accolades for her outburst directed at a U.S. Tennis Open lineswoman which landed her a $10,000 fine.

But the hands down winner has to be South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson.

58272460During President Obama’s address to Congress last Wednesday (09/09/09) Joe Wilson yelled ‘You lie’ directed at the president’s comment that the Healthcare Reform bill will not provide coverage to ‘illegal aliens.’

In the history of our great county, no one has ever displayed such disrespect to the president while he was addressing Congress.

People from both sides of the aisle quickly spoke up and said that Wilson should apologize to President Obama (including Senator John McCain).

Rep. Wilson quickly released a statement and phoned The White House passing his apologies along to Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

But Wilson’s A-Hole nomination entry didn’t end there.

*  *  *  *  *

When I was a kid, I was taught to take responsibility for my own actions.  I knew to apologize when I screwed up and then work hard to mend any fences I may have broken.

This, unfortunately, is not how bullies operate.

“I’m done apologizing.”  – Joe Wilson – 2009-SEP-10

What occurred during the next 24 hours may have set the foundation for the direction Wilson took and allowed him to walk away with the A-Hole of the Year Award.

Wilson’s 2008 challenger for the U.S. Representative seat was Rob Miller – who is also running in 2010.  Miller quickly rose over $100,000 in contributions in the hours following Wilson’s despicable action.  He is now hovering around $1.5 million.

Chief Bully and unofficial head of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh vehemently supported Wilson’s ‘you lie’ comment stating that Wilson shouldn’t have apologized and that Wilson said what ‘everyone was thinking.

Rush’s comments aren’t exactly true.  Personally, I loved that President Obama was trying to set the record straight.  When I heard Wilson’s ‘you lie’ comment, my first thought was ‘who was that asshole.’

Since Rush declared Wilson a hero – sentiments followed by bully Sean Hannity and Bill Krystol – Wilson took to the offensive.

He has been actively tweating and posting on his website.

Here is a sample of his tweats:

“Stand with me against liberal attacks.  Today I need your help more than ever before.  I’ve been under attac.” [sic]

“Over 8,500 Americans are standing with me against the liberal attacks.”

“The Democrats are playing politics.” Fox News Sunday

“I have been named the #1 target by the Democrats and MoveOn.org.”

His website has posted a new video entitled – ‘We Will Not Be Muzzled.’

I’m not seeing much remorse or fence mending.

Just like a bully, Wilson removed the foot from his mouth and went on the offensive.  He is trying to put the Democrats on defense when Wilson was clearly out of line.

Before concluding I’d like to point out, if he disagreed with Obama, he had the right to speak up but to do so in that venue was totally inappropriate.  To take that action and go on the offensive and cry martyr is reprehensible.

Congratulations Joe Wilson – A-Hole of the Year.