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Joe the Plumber heading to Israel

I think peace is now at hand.  Joe the Plumber is going to Israel. 

Thousands of years of fighting in a war that seemingly has no end.  Both sides say they’re right and outsiders have strong opinions one way or the other.

I have my opinions but have made a point to keep them clear from my blog.  As heated as the Republican – Democratic debates get this is nothing compared to religious differences that date back to the beginning of religion. 

The Christian right and Republicans blindly say that they support Israel and their right to defend themselves without fully understanding the conflict or why they support Israel.

The Democratic fringe argues that the Palestinians are right because Israel’s might dominates a people who solely want their freedom and they always side with the underdog of the moment.

Those in the middle fall on either side and stand behind their positions.

In college – more than 20 years ago – I took a fantastic course called The Israel – Palestinian conflict.  In it we studied both perspectives in historic and modern times.  And I still keep quiet on my position.

But Joe the Plumber who proudly proclaimed that a vote for Barack Obama was a vote for the death to Israel, is now off to the Holy Land in an attempt cover the war.

He’s a fake plumber without a license who claimed to be purchasing a business with money he didn’t have.  He became the central figure in the John McCain – Sarah Palin presidential campaign which should tell you all you need to about the McCain – Palin ticket. 

Samuel ‘Joe the Plumber’ Wurzelbacher is planning on spending 10 days in Israel covering the fighting.

The below Average Joe the Plumber is going to (attempt to) communicate Israel’s ‘Average Joe’ opinion. 

This next part plumber cracks me up:  He is going to be a war correspondent for the conservative web site pjtv.com.  (Pajamas TV)  

Joe the War Correspondent.


Reflecting on the Biggest of 2008

2008 has come to an end and as usual it is time to reflect. The year has provided us with big stories, scandals, laughs and a few tears.

The big news stories of 2008

Barack Obama wins presidential election becoming 44th president. This is the biggest story of the year. Hope and Change better be comin’ because Hopeless and the Same old Shit really suck.

California rescinds the right to marry from gays and lesbians. This is scandalous but belongs with the news stories. On a day when our country elected a black man as president, 3 states voted to discriminate against an entire community. And these intolerant bastards have the balls to defend their actions. It reminds me of the old ‘some of my best friends are [fill in with minority of choice]’ bigotry. Our mission for 2009 must be to work to right this horrific wrong.

Bankruptcy, Bailouts and a Recession. We are watching businesses fail at an alarming rate. Circuit City, Linens and Things, KB Toys, Bennigan’s and many, many other companies have failed this year. The mortgage industry has collapsed thanks to sub-prime loans and the tax payer is taking it on the chin with this no-strings-attached bailout. The Big 3 auto manufacturers are struggling and had come to DC with their paws out. The newspaper industry looks to be on very shaky ground as the New York Times took out a loan and other papers are now terminating home delivery. Americans are losing jobs and their homes and less than 2 months before leaving office still-President Bush tells us that we’re in a recession. Really? I hadn’t noticed.

The New York Giants beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. This story was big for me in a couple of ways. I was born in New York and have rooted for the Giants forever – so the Super Bowl win is enjoyable to me. But as I grew up in Miami and went to Miami Dolphins games for many years, I was thrilled that the Patriots lost thus preserving the 1972 Dolphins as the only perfect season.

We are all Georgians. Did John McCain realize that he was talking about a country and not a state when he proclaimed that ‘we are all Georgians? Yes, since his foreign policy advisor is on the payroll to lobby on behalf of Georgia. Unlike Bush, maybe McCain didn’t see Putin’s soul? I suspect that this story will become much larger in 2009. And let’s not overlook the Israel – Hamas increased hostility in Gaza. PE Obama really will have his hands full – as will Sec. of State Hillary Clinton.

Is China Purposely Poisoning Us? My defunct website in 2007 used this as its page heading. I felt the media was missing key stories involving imports from China. Reports of tainted pet food, chicken and fish feed, toothpaste, imported fish, honey and tires were hidden by the MSM but linked by my old site. It wasn’t until our children’s toys proved to be tainted did this make headlines. That and the execution of the Chinese head of food safety in July, 2007. This story grew in 2008 but in my opinion it still isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

I have missed others like the Mumbai Hostage Crisis, the Burma cyclone and China earthquake. And did I mention that gas prices are now below $1.60. Is it a coincidence that the speculators bolted from the market beginning in July? Shouldn’t people be going to jail over this?

The big scandals of 2008

John Edwards lies about affair – thus destroying his political career. He spoke up for the poor. He could have been a great VP or head of the DOJ. It wasn’t the $400 haircuts that destroyed him; it was the affair that he lied about even after the National Enquirer discovered it. Meanwhile, David Vitter’s career goes on. Newt Gingrich is doing well. John McCain was just his party’s nominee for the presidency. They all cheated but didn’t suffer the same fate as Edwards and Eliot Spitzer.

Rod Blagojevich tries to sell Barack Obama’s old Illinois Senate seat. Chicago politics at its finest. John Edwards has an affair and is gone from politics but Blago pulls a political stunt and is still around.

Eliot Spitzer and the high priced hooker. True, he was probably set up for this fall since he made significant enemies as Attorney General of New York. But that doesn’t excuse what he did. True, he did the right thing and resigned – and resigned quickly. Has anyone seen David Vitter’s resignation? David Paterson succeeded Spitzer and promptly announced to the world that both he and his wife had been unfaithful. You can’t make this stuff up.

The $150,000 wardrobe. Sarah Palin became the Republican VP nominee and went on a shopping spree. She bought clothes, clothes and more clothes. She spent more than Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. But she’s giving it back – after it’s worn? Uh, I mean, they’re giving the clothes to the poor. Just what a homeless person wants – a $5,000 dress. Screw a good meal, a warm shower and a job. They don’t even lie well.

The Ted Stevens Conviction. And he almost won re-election. Alaska seems to be the only place where the government officials are more corrupt than Chicago. Stevens will be going to jail unless Bush decides to pardon him. Don Young could be following in Stevens’ path in 2009. And I didn’t mention Trooper-gate.

The Ponzi Scheme – Remember the old pyramid schemes? Well this one takes the cake – or the $50 billion. The ponzi scheme was run be the former chairman of NASDAQ Bernard Madoff. It looks like he bilked investors out of $50 billion. This has the makings of one of the largest scandals of all time. One person has already committed suicide.

People / Things I hope stay in 2008 and never surface again.

Joe the Plumber. Screw his book. His story isn’t that riveting. And he can keep all the JTP knock-offs like Tito the Builder, Mario the septic tank cleaner, Sam the butcher, and Sarah the Governor.

Sarah Palin. I know she is due to surface in 2012 but I’m going to wish long and hard that she won’t.

Billy Mays. He first annoyed me with DiDi7 and now seems to market every gimmicky product. The kids mock him and I really wish his 15 minutes were up. Mighty Putty, OxiClean and that product that removes Dings from my car are just a few of the As Seen on TV products that he pitches. He is almost as bad as Kevin Trudeau. He is the clown who I first remember seeing sell that Mega Memory garbage. Thanks to a court order, he can not sell products only his BS books. So he is hitting us up with a barrage of books – Natural Cures, More Natural Cures, The Weight Loss Cure, Debt Cures – all coincidentally that ‘THEY don’t want you to know about.’ Trudeau is a con-man who has already pleaded guilty to larceny.

I’d love to see many, many other people fade away like Britney, OJ and Ken Blackwell (he’s running for head of the RNC). I am sick of reality programs and wish that they’d put programs on that are intelligent and make me think.

Companies / Products I hope don’t join us in 2009

Companies that want to buy my scraps of gold. This looks like a ploy to take advantage of seniors yet they also advertise on children’s channels (which I don’t get). How gullible must one be to send their scraps of metal and take their word on the value?

The Barack Obama coin / collectable plate and those mall kiosks that sell Obama’s t-shirt. Are there really that many people who purchase Obama merchandise? I guess now that the shirtless Obama pictures are circulating around the web, we’ll see a new set of products hit the market. And I’m sick of the World Trade Center / 9/11 products. Who thought of that 9/11 $20 crap? Ooh, ‘It’s the first time that the 9 and 11 were added up to total the 20 dollar value?’ Give me a break.

Time share calls. This one is a personal one. I don’t own a timeshare and I never have but somehow I have gotten on a ‘this guy owns a timeshare’ mailing list. I get multiple calls on a daily basis asking me if I wish to sell my timeshare points. I am on the Florida and National Do Not Call lists but it doesn’t seem to work nor does my repeated requests to get off of their mailing lists.

In case this is the last post you read from me in 2008 – May you have a happy and healthy 2009. May the change we voted for be what we need to get us back on the right track.

Hope to see you in 2009.

Gene – My 2 Buck$

JTP’s Appalled by McCain?

Can someone please tell Joe the Unlicensed Plumber that his 15 minutes have been over for 6 weeks?  No one really gives a crap what he has to say, yet the right continues to give him airtime.  I vowed that I would no longer post about him but have found that he won’t go away if I ignore him.  And prayer doesn’t work, either. 

Of course, the right seems to still be obsessed with 3 things:  trying to tarnish President-elect Obama through lies, smears and innuendo, continuing this Sarah Palin fantasy and shoving Joe the Plumber down our throats.

He’s got a book coming out.  There are rumors of a Congressional run.  I’m figuring on a movie and a restaurant chain.

Fox News reported that Glenn Beck spoke with Joe the Plumber.  Joe said that “he felt ‘dirty’ after hitting the campaign trail with Republican presidential nominee John McCain and ‘seeing some of the things that take place.’”

Dirtier when he stated that he agreed with the comment that a vote for Barack Obama was a vote to ‘the death to Israel?’ 

Apparently, what bothered ‘the Plumber’ the most was McCain’s conversations regarding the $700 billion bailout.

“When I was on the bus with him, I asked him a lot of questions about the bailout because most Americans did not want that to happen,” Wurzelbacher told Beck. “I asked him some pretty direct questions. Some of the answers you guys are gonna receive they appalled me, absolutely. I was angry. In fact, I wanted to get off the bus after I talked to him.”

“Some of the answers you guys are gonna receive they appalled me, absolutely.”  What does that mean?  Hopefully, Joe will have an editor for the book he plans to write.

If ‘the plumber’ was so appalled by McCain, why did he stay on the bus? 

According to JTP, “because the thought of Barack Obama as president scares me even more.”

Scared of Obama, sell a few books, break the record for outlasting the 15 minutes . . .

Speaking of outlasting the 15 minutes, what does JTP think of the current champ, Sarah Palin?

Sarah Palin is absolutely the real deal,” said JTP.

Please, I just ate.


McCain hearts JTP

John McCain has said that his heroes are Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.  Now he tells us that his role model is Joe the Plumber.  Really?

This is the guy who claimed that he was a plumber but is unlicensed.

He claimed to be an undecided voter but was voting McCain all along.

Joe didn’t show up for a McCain fundraiser and when McCain gave him a shout-out with no response and McCain actually looked embarrassed.  (I felt bad for McCain – momentarily).

Joe agreed with a person who told him that he felt that a vote for Obama was a vote for the death of Israel.  The comment was so vile that Shepherd Smith on Fox News took him on and then clarified Obama’s correct position (pro-Israel).

This is McCain’s role model?