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McCain hearts JTP

John McCain has said that his heroes are Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.  Now he tells us that his role model is Joe the Plumber.  Really?

This is the guy who claimed that he was a plumber but is unlicensed.

He claimed to be an undecided voter but was voting McCain all along.

Joe didn’t show up for a McCain fundraiser and when McCain gave him a shout-out with no response and McCain actually looked embarrassed.  (I felt bad for McCain – momentarily).

Joe agreed with a person who told him that he felt that a vote for Obama was a vote for the death of Israel.  The comment was so vile that Shepherd Smith on Fox News took him on and then clarified Obama’s correct position (pro-Israel).

This is McCain’s role model?


ACORN and the Fox News distortion of facts

Fox News alters the facts to put their conservative spin on something?  I’m shocked.

Most of us have never heard of ACORN until recently. 

This video does a terrific job of explaining what ACORN is.  It shows the Fox News spin from Greta van Susteren and Fox & Friends.  And it corrects their stories.

For more on ACORN along with an excellent listing of facts go to The Brad Blog.