Hurricane Season Comment Board

Originally, I started this comment board for Hurricane Gustav.  This season has become an active season.  Rather than open a new page for each storm that threatens the U.S., I have renamed this board to accommodate all storms.

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Living in Florida, I have been through my share of hurricanes – which is why I blog about these storms.

I have set up this page, so you and others can communicate with each other as you prepare for this storm.

[Please leave your town name in your comment.]

Board opened Aug. 30 – 9:30 pm


13 responses to “Hurricane Season Comment Board

  1. Survived Rita in my own home, but am not staying for Gustav. I live 50 miles north of Beaumont and if things go as predicted now, we will feel some effects of the storm. WE had planned to evacuate, but one thing after the other prevented us from doing so. We decided it would be safe in our home than stuck on the road somewhere. I remember well the long hours (0100 until about 1000 hours) of the wind. As my husband said it went from intense to more intense. We were in the eye wall through the entire storm. But God was good–we and all our possessions survived with only minor damage.

    What is the most difficult I think is the long wait to know where it may or may not make landfall and then suddenly we know where ground zero is and it is way too late to move.

    We leave for College Station in the morning to stay with our daughter. If the storm takes a severe left turn and decides to hit Houston, we may have to re-evacuate back home very quickly!!!

    May God keep all in the path of this storm in His care. And I pray he will cover all the emergency management workers, police, firemen, National Guard, paramedics, all who put themselves in harms way for our safety with His mighty shield.

    Talk to you later. Keep safe.

  2. My old hometown on the Gulf Coast of Texas, Groves, TX, had to be evacuated.
    That meant everyone, sick, lame, lazy, crippled, poor or else had to leave.

    This same area was hit by Hurricane Rita 3 years ago. The bu$hnazi government screwed those poor people then and are screwing them again. You can’t bet they will not vote for Sen. More-of-the-same McCain.

  3. Native Floridian (Miami) – 40 years
    Texas (Houston) 8 years
    Age: 51
    Lived through 10 hurricanes including Andrew (Homestead) Wilma and Jean (West Palm Beach) and Alicia (Clearlake/Houston) which tore the roof off my apartment building and placed a sailboat in the foyer. I had enough and moved to NC mountains. (Asheville) Phew!!!
    My heart goes out.
    I predicted these storms in May.

  4. I survived Katrina and have just watched part of Spike Lees documentary while thinking about Gustav. I am glad to see that Spike Lee has the passion and concern to record and display such needed footage. As a survivor of this calamity, I am stirred in my soul when I see what a disaster, nature could bring upon a nation. However, the insult that was added to injury is my purpose for composing this message. I believe that those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it. Therefore, my prayer is that such a moralistic decay in the fragile framework of our great nation, will be realized and remembered.

    I have a great deal of lowly happiness, for those who were not there to witness this tragedy. For they will never know the feelings or despair brought on by the hurricanes. Nor, will they know the mind shattering devastation caused by the lack of government response. It was like being violated, disrespected, hurt, tortured, and finally killed. just to be brought back to life for a repeat of the offense each day. Except this offense was done by someone who you respect, love and trust. Of course, all of this takes place while you are starving and so thirsty, that the toxic water looks tempting to drink. The worst part is that those we love and trusted with the power to help us were elected from among us, to speak for and defend us, to an end the came all to late: and has changed the way I view my beloved government of the United States of America.

  5. W. Butler,
    Very well put. Having been through Andrew (and other weaker storms the last couple of years) I have seen what these storms can do. Add the levies breaking and the flooding and the last thing you expect is the government letting you down.
    It’s amazingly sad that the politicians use these disasters as photo ops. The Bush Brothers actually had ice withheld from the people that needed it so they could get their picture.

  6. Thanks for the open board. We have been following all of the storms this season providing emergency info and resources. We are doing the same for Ike. You can find us at

  7. Colin,
    Thanks for the link. I will check it out and add it to my resources.

  8. Galveston Live–4screens (turn off sound on 3 to listen):

    I added you to my bloglist, 2Bucks. I’m another hurricane/political junkie, in Pennsylvania.

  9. Kiko,
    Thanks – The link you provided was impressive.

  10. Thanks 2bucks. I’m still watching them! I added the McCain Lobbyist link to my blog too–I’m collecting all the good bits from here and there.

    Have you see the StormPulse site? Scroll/drag around the tracking map to see what’s cooking out there.

  11. Kiko,
    I have been checking on maroonspoon periodically.
    Stormpulse is great. A coworker shared that one with me recently.

    After a busy month, I am glad the storm activity has slowed for the moment.

  12. I missed the actual hurricane but can only guess how awful it must be to have gone through it.

  13. The way time seems to fly so fast, it will soon be hurricane season again, before we know it!

    Here’s hoping it won’t be too bad this season.

    (I’m in Cape Coral FL)

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