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Aging: The unavoidable conditions that scare me

Almost 30 years ago my grandfather passed away at 82 years old.  At the time, I was a college student around 20 years old.  After his passing, I took ownership of 3 items that belonged to him:  a windbreaker jacket that he had just purchased only a couple of months before, a religious item that I still cherish to this day and a type-written list which I found morbidly depressing.  For some reason, I had held onto this list – possibly because he kept it in his wallet.

Unfortunately, I misplaced this paper which was a list on why it sucked getting old.  It mostly talked about aches and pains and I found some sort of solace by holding onto the list and that he was no longer suffering from anything on the list.

Now I’m in my late 40’s fearing – not the aches and pains aspect of aging.  It’s too soon for that.  Nor am I worrying about the chronic hospital & doctor visits that seem to occur with the elderly.

No.  I’m more superficial than that – especially since I’m not yet eligible for AARP, though I will be before Obama’s first term is up.

Here is my list of things I fear about when it comes to aging – in no particular order:

Andy Rooney eye brows:

This seems to be a frightening condition that afflicts the old.  Somewhere along the line, old men stop trimming their eyebrows, have super-fast growing eyebrows or have scissor-resistant eyebrows.  In any case, old people have repulsively thick and long eyebrows which can be used to re-grow lost hair on their heads or used to trim lawns.

aging rooney 1

aging eyebrows 2

Man boobs

I really don’t need to clarify this, do I?   I am definitely not referring to obese men who have breasts along with their huge stomachs.  No, I’m referring to relatively thin men who have put on a couple of pounds – in the pectoral muscle area.  I used to think the Seinfeld gag of the Manzier or the Bro was hilarious but unrealistic.  Now I find it terrifying.

aging manboobs

aging manboobs2

Lack of color coordination

I recall laughing at the style of clothes my grandparents wore.   Lime green or lemon yellow pants, orange shirt with some pattern on it, knee high socks with a white belt and matching white shoes.

Then men my dad’s age started dressing in the same style.

How did this happen?  Unless I can move in with one of my kids who will buy my clothing for me as well as dress me each day, I seem destined to become a fashion horror story.  Worse yet is the realization that I won’t even be aware that this has happened.

I am petrified of the day I wander into a Rack Room Shoes and stop at the white Dr Shoal’s thinking if they have it in a size 12.

Belt line to my man boobs

As a kid, we used to laugh that Fred Mertz had a belt line above his stomach and that Ricky Ricardo’s wasn’t much below that.  As an adult, I found out that Desi Arnaz was in his 30’s during the run of I Love Lucy which was quite comforting since this indicated that the freakishly high belt-line was a fashion trend of the times.  As a result, I wasn’t really bothered when I saw the elderly with their belts so high.

Of course, that ended when the next generation’s beltline began rising.

Initially, as we gain weight, it seems like the belt line sinks since we don’t want to admit that we need a larger belt size.  It works in conjunction with the deep breath we take when we close the pants 2 sizes too small.

Then somewhere along the line we opt for the above the gut belt.  I wonder how much of it is because we repeatedly tell the kids to raise their pants above their crotch.

Whatever the cause, I think I’ll have to accept that with each passing year – as a senior citizen – our belt line increases annually.  I just pray I can keep my belt below my elbows.

Turkey neck

This one scares me the most.  One day your neck looks fine, the next day there is a huge flap of skin dangling.  It doesn’t appear to have anything to do with weight gain or loss.  I see it on so many men and there is no way to hide it.  With every other affliction, there is something you can kind of do to cover it up but with turkey neck, all I can do is gobble.  I think surgery is the only hope and I’ve never heard of a turkey-necktomy.

I assume they can cut the flab, but then there is the scar running down the center of my neck.  I knew someone who had a face lift and because the way they pulled his face, he had to shave behind his ears.

McCain Lobbyist 2008

Ear hair / nose hair

I’m not talking about hair on the rims of the ears.  That is very common and people under 80 usually remove that.  I’m taking about the thick dark hair that grows from within the ears.  Why does the hair grow so dark when the hair on the hair, chest and back are gray or white?   If left untreated it becomes a train wreck.  I CAN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF OF THE EAR HAIR!

Aging earhair

Worse yet, the ears and nose continue to grow as we age.  Either that or our faces shrink.

I still have many years until I will encounter many of the above conditions.  My dad has reached a couple and he has me by a few decades – so I definitely still have time.  But that doesn’t prevent me from dwelling on the inevitable.


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That doesn’t signal the end of as I do plan to post things here as well.       

Standing Against Israel – Strange Bedfellows indeed

If there seems to be a single issue that rallies the Teabaggers, Liberals, bigots and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad it is their stance on Israel.

On-line friends (Twitter and bloggers) have surprised me with the speed with which they pounced on the ‘big, bad Israel’ position.  I expected it from the Ahmadinejad’s of the world as well as the anti-Semites.  But Progressives who claim to be hate-free and open-minded?

Even before the first video hit YouTube, I found many liberal friends chastise Israel for attacking the poor Flotilla with nothing but humanitarian aid and love for the desperate Palestinians in Gaza.

With the same conviction that we mocked when Republicans blindly supported a president and the lies that led us into 2 wars, many liberals charged that Israel was guilty without ever hearing a single fact.

I even read comments where people said that they will never be convinced that Israel could be justified in Flotilla-gate.   Wow.  And they call themselves liberal.

They quickly dismiss any comments and evidence coming out of Israel and denounce anyone who supports them.  Just as quickly, they post stories linking to anything promoting the Flotilla (or anti-Israel) cause without seeking supporting evidence.

They post every country that gives dollars, arms or aid to Israel but ignore which organizations support the Palestinians in Gaza and Hamas.  [Hint: you may want to read about IHH and their ties to Hamas]

Just who agrees with my liberal friends who stand united against Israel?

Let’s start with former grand wizard of the KKK and possible US presidential candidate – David Duke.

Link to David Duke post 

Duke’s post has an interesting choice of photos:  A slew of sheets with eyes cut out – just like those worn by the KKK.  Above the Klansmen is the word – Kohanim (Jewish high priests).  Duke clearly is equating the Jewish supremacy with his White supremacy.  Fascinating if not also hypocritical – and laughable.

[Read full story]

2010 New Year’s Resolution: Found a new obsession – my iPhone

I can’t put down my new iPhone. I picked up my 3GS last Thursday and have connected all 8 of my email accounts, downloaded 34 apps and did an untold amount of set up on it.

One app provides a list of discounted apps. What the hell am I thinking?

I never saw myself as an obsessive person. I guess we all are to some degree whether we admit it or not. Some obsess about cleaning, people or image.

In 2004, I obsessed about politics – to the point of illness. I listened to radio programs and watched shows from the perspective of both the right and the left. Keith Olbermann and The O’Reilly Factor. Mike Savage and Randi Rhodes. Buzz Flash and The Drudge Report. And when Bush was reelected in November, I went into a funk for about 2 weeks.

In 2007, I obsessed about Chinese imports. I posted links on my old website and read countless articles on the subject. A year later, I discovered WordPress. I set up my blog and went nuts as my blog obsession merged with my political obsession.

I was up all night reading and writing posts. I worked at my job during the day and hung with my family for dinner all the time thinking about what my next post would deal with.

When Sarah Palin was announced as the Vice Presidential running mate, I literally went insane researching. A few posts hit the thousands on the hit count with one getting 75,000 in one day. Turns out others were just as obsessed as I was.

In 2009, I found Facebook. I went in hesitantly as I was afraid of 2 things. Obsessing about it AND having worlds collide. Family – today’s friends – co-workers – friends of the past – and so many more.

My college age daughter friended me and as a result my sister found me. My wife was already there. I then was discovered (you can tell I’m not one for the socialization thing) by former classmates from high school – nearly 30 years ago.

Fact: If I wanted to be connected with you, I wouldn’t have lost contact with you years ago. Many of my friends today are from high school and college.

Now my 30 year reunion is approaching and I’m getting friend requests from people I know I wasn’t friends with in high school. Some I have never heard of. Now that can’t be a good sign.

My step-son’s new step-mother sent me a friend request. My step-son’s father remarried late last year. Now does anyone think that her friend requesting me is a little bizarre?

And how many hot girls born when I graduated high school are going to friend me? Really? And my profile picture is a picture of me and my wife. Do you really think I am that stupid?

Then in July, I discovered Twitter. Now that is fun – sharing what I am doing at the moment.

I just sneezed. Why isn’t there a tissue around when you need one?

Nothing is cooler than when a famous person starts following you. And nothing is more demoralizing than when someone you are following stops following you, especially when they followed you first. It’s like getting dumped.

Now I have an iPhone and I have connected all my obsessions to it: WordPress, Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve ordered a pizza from the iPhone. Why didn’t I just call? It has to be faster to call.

What should I have for dinner tonight? Maybe Urbanspoon can help.

I’ll get that new book on Kindle without buying a Kindle since I’ve downloaded the free app.

Did you know you can start your car from your iPhone? And report a breakdown to AAA. There really is an app for everything.

I wrote this post with the help of my iPhone – though I admit I did edit it from my computer.

And I can’t stop listening to Pandora – which play list will it be today? How about 80’s Indie?

Reflecting on the Biggest of 2009

Once again, a year has come to an end – faster than most of us would like.  This year has been no different providing us with a plethora of big stories, scandals, laughs and yes, a few tears.

The big news stories of 2009

Barack Obama inaugurated as 44th president. Eight years of Bush / Cheney have come to an end so along with that ended corporate bailouts, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, job loss, Gitmo closed and – oh well, never mind.  At least  Bush is out.  And Obama has his Nobel Peace Prize.

Healthcare Reform.  If a healthcare reform bill passes it looks like it will mean the status quo – only there will be a mandate to buy insurance when many cannot afford it.   If we didn’t have lobbyists, Fox News and politics over country, this would be a relatively simple bill to write.  This will be the story to watch in 2010 and the affect it will have on the midterm elections.

Afghan War.  With Obama winning the White House last year one thing was certain – the troops were coming out of Afghanistan.  Only Obama announced that the troops won’t begin coming home until 2011.  I’m not really seeing a change here.

Climategate.  Funniest story of the year.  A server is hacked which contains over a thousand emails from top notch Global Warming scientists where they apparently talked about ‘tricking’ the data to hide the decline in temperature and that it was a ‘travesty’ that the scientists ‘can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment’.  Skeptics claim this proves that Global Warming is a hoax meanwhile warmists say that those responsible for ‘hacking’ should go to jail but seem to ignore what was revealed with these emails.  Regardless, the Climate talks in Copenhagen were a huge stepping stone in dealing with greenhouse gas emissions.

Tainted Chinese Drywall.  Another big story that is being ignored by the media.  Homes built with Chinese Dry Wall develop a sulphur-like smell and encounter corrosion of coils and pipes.  The owners also find that there fine silver quickly tarnished.  Most builders will not take responsibility and the American government will not hold China accountable.  Instead the line is that there isn’t enough evidence to support these claims.  I’ve been on the tainted Chinese imports since 2007 from my defunct website. 

We’ve had tainted pet food, chicken and fish feed, toothpaste, imported fish, honey, tires, children’s toys and now drywall.  But the American government doesn’t think there is enough evidence and our media doesn’t believe it is newsworthy. 

Sarah Palin goes Rouge and resigns.  Palin resigned as governor of Alaska in order to avoid being a lame duck governor since she was not planning on running for reelection.  She popularized the lie that the healthcare reform legislation would contain ‘death panels’ that would kill senior citizens and her followers bought it.  The far right love her and the far left hate her.  Everyone in between just hopes she retires to Wasilla to watch the sunset on the Russian horizon.  Meanwhile, her memoir ‘Going Rogue’ is still selling well after 3 months.

Comcast / GE / NBC Universal merger.  This merger will lead to nightmares reminiscent to the AOL Time Warner merger / divorce.  Providers owning content is not a good thing as it will hurt competition and drive up prices.  I’m going to watch the next move by Time Warner Cable, DirecTV and Dish Network.  I’ll also be watching the government as this merger should be shot down courtesy of antitrust laws.

The big scandals of 2009

David Letterman.  Letterman shocked his viewers with the revelation that he has had sex with people who work on his show.  This scandal comes equipped with an extortion case as CBS News producer Robert Halderman tried to shake him down for $2 million to prevent Halderman from writing a screenplay about Letterman’s escapades.  Letterman instead went to police and Halderman was arrested in a sting operation and Letterman went public with an on-air explanation and apology.

Tiger Woods.  He made us forget about Letterman.  He wrecked his car – was apparently attacked by his wife with a golf club – and women are still coming out of the woodwork.  He took a leave of absence from golf to work on his marriage yet he and his wife, Elin separated.   He’s losing his endorsement deals.  And the jokes about a Viagra endorsement deal are running wild.

Mark Sanford & John Ensign.  What would a year in scandals be without the obligatory political sex scandal?  As usual, there were many this year but the two most prominent were Mark Sanford and John Ensign. 

After President Clinton admitted to infidelity, Ensign called on Clinton to resign saying, “he has no credibility left”.  What does it say about Ensign’s credibility that he had an affair with the wife of a top aide?  And who can forget that Ensign’s parents attempted to give Cynthia Hampton $96,000?

Meanwhile, Sanford said that Clinton’s behavior was “reprehensible.”  In June, Sanford disappeared for about a week saying that he’d be hiking on the Appalachian Trail.  In reality, he flew to Argentina with his mistress.  Let’s just say that Sanford doesn’t think this affair was reprehensible enough to resign from office.  To her credit, Sanford’s wife has since filed for divorce. 

Balloon Boy.  Has anybody seen my son?  He’s in a box attached to a balloon flying over Colorado.  The National Guard was called in along with local police.  The balloons proximity to Denver International Airport caused the airport to close down.  When the balloon turned up empty speculation led to fears that the boy had fallen during the balloon’s 50-mile trek.  Turns out the boy was hiding in his house and during an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN said ‘we did this for the show’.  And a scandal was born.

Glenn Beck – gold, loss of sponsors, crying.  The Fox News commentator began the year by saying in an appearance on Fox and Friends that President Obama has “a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.”  He further stuck his foot in his mouth by saying “I’m not saying he doesn’t like white people.  I’m saying he has a problem.  This guy is, I believe, a racist.”  As a result, about 80 advertisers pulled their ads from his show and it looked as if Beck would not last much longer.  Beck then started going after Obama’s administration, first targeting White House Council on Environmental Quality, Van Jones – who later resigned.  He later went hard after ACORN.  Meanwhile, Beck continued to cry.

As far as I’m concerned, the biggest issue in 2009 involving Beck is his conflict of interest.  It came to light in, of all places, a feature on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  They pointed out that Beck’s radio program is sponsored by Goldline International and aired a number of examples where Beck is promoting the investment in gold.

Personal notes of 2009

Seinfeld reunion.  Like millions of others, I was a huge Seinfeld fan.  I even had written an episode with the promise that my friend’s uncle who was an executive at NBC at the time would walk the episode over.  (My friend lied to me and never sent the script to his non-existent uncle at NBC.)  Though I enjoyed The Finale, I feel it came up a little flat.  I have also been a big fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm so I was thrilled to hear that they were doing a season long Seinfeld reunion arc similar to what they did with The Producers a few years ago.

The final episodes of the season was the walk-thru for ‘The Reunion’ and ended with Larry David watching the show on his television.  It was great to see the gang back on the air.  ‘Having said that’ it definitely made up for the finale.

10 year anniversary of Y2K.  It’s hard to believe that ten years have passed since the Y2K scam.  Companies around the world were panicking.  In preparation, we had to make certain that all of our computer programs and databases were capable of handling the 4-digit year.  Older languages and systems were at most risk so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we were told to take out extra money from the bank in case bank computers got all messed up; power companies could shut down leaving millions, if not billions in the dark; do not fly as planes could fall out of the sky; and unexploded bombs could explode.  On a summer 1999 vacation in the mountains of North Carolina I saw a Year 2K supply store which sold Y2K survival kits.  I had to work that evening in case the computers shut down and I had to physically be on site in case remote access became a problem.

The scam that was perpetrated on the American public that came close to the level of Y2K was Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone’s vault live on television 23 years ago.  Of course the vault was empty.

My2Buck$ on Twitter and new domain.  This year, My 2 Buck$ debuted on Twitter which has been fun.  I have determined that by following news sources, it is the best way to receive my news updates.  I can get details and stories that lacked coverage later.  I have also dropped ‘wordpress’ from my domain name which still seems to have Google confused.  Additionally, I have ghostwritten a couple of posts for a couple of friends on a Global Warming Facts blog. 

People / Things I hope stay in 2009 and never surface again.

This feature scares me now as last year I listed Billy Mays and he passed away in 2009.  Of course, during 2009, I became more of a fan of Mays especially since the Sham-Wow guy came on the scene.

Update on Joe the Plumber – still on the scene – sort of.  He was much quieter but did pop up occasionally.  And Sarah Palin – well we know what she’s been up to.  She’s the winner of the 15 minutes that won’t end.

For 2009, let me be clear – go away does not mean die.  RIP Billy. 

Rush Limbaugh / Glenn Beck / Sean Hannity.  Generally, anyone who would love to see Americans struggle and America disgraced for financial or political gain needs to go.  They clearly hate America.  That said, add nearly all Republicans who spent 2009 breaking filibuster records, obstructing progress and lying and distorting the truth.  And take the corporate lobbyists while you’re at it.  And Brett Favre.

2009 – A year of Loss

Each year the list hits closer to home.  We lost people I grew up with like original Charlie’s Angel Farrah Fawcett, Fantasy Island’s Mr. Roarke Ricardo Montalban, and Maude (Bea Arthur).

The news world lost pioneers Walter Cronkite and Don Hewitt.  Also, Tim Russert and Paul Harvey (‘Good Day’). 

Thank you to Larry Gelbart for adapting M*A*S*H for television which provided me years of laughs . . . and tears.

When MTV first explored programming other than videos, they ran a game show called Remote Control.  Host Ken Ober passed away November 15th.  (Adam Sandler came out of that show).

John Updike, Ron Silver, Natasha Richardson, Dom DeLuise, Ed McMahon, John Hughes, Les Paul,  Patrick Swayze, Henry Gibson also left this year along with scores of others.

Brittany Murphy dies at 32 presumably of natural causes – except there is nothing natural about dying at 32.  Nor is there anything natural about dying at 28 as Avenged Sevenfold drummer The Rev did yesterday.

Politics lost the Liberal Lion, Ted Kennedy and his sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

Stunningly, the King, Michael Jackson makes this list.

And the television show Monk ended its 8 season run a few weeks ago.

Happy New Year.  In case this is the last post you read from me in 2009 – May you and yours have a happy and healthy 2010.    

Hope to see you in 2010.

Gene – My 2 Buck$

It’s Festivus – Time to air the grievances

One of the joyous traditions of Festivus is telling people how they have disappointed you over the past year.

“The tradition of Festivus begins with the Airing of Grievances. I got a lot of problems with you people! And now, you’re gonna hear about it.” – Frank Costanza

I got a lot of problems with you people – so without further ado:

Congressional Democrats

You are weak.  You have a huge majority in the House and Senate and you control the White House and all you can put together is a thousand page piece of trash for a healthcare reform bill.  You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.  You ought to be voted from office.

The most important goal of the healthcare reform bill was to make certain that 100 percent of Americans had access to quality and affordable healthcare without the financial risk now associated with catastrophic illness.  How does one write a healthcare reform bill that leaves about six percent of Americans without coverage?

And don’t get me started on those with inadequate coverage or costly coverage (like my plan).

What can be written on one thousand pages that pretty much keeps the status quo?  The Insurance companies are laughing.  Have you looked at their stock price recently?

There’s no public option, no single payer option.  States can opt out of the plan when Americans should be able to opt out of their employers plan for a better, more affordable plan. 

States can opt out of abortion coverage.  Let’s see how many cave to the pressure.

These bills (one in House and one in Senate) present Congress at its worst – one that is controlled by the squeaky wheel and the millions of dollars from the lobbyists for the insurance companies.

Instead of looking out for your constituents, you have looked out for yourselves. 

And when Congress gets together to hash out a final bill between the House and Senate versions, I’m sure we will be left with a bill no one can support.

All we wanted was an insurance plan similar to what you have (at the taxpayers expense). 

In 2008, Americans voted for change.  I’m guessing that in 2010, we’ll be voting for change – AGAIN!!!


Congressional Republicans

The purpose of the opposition party is not to oppose everything in front of you.  The opposition party should be looking out for the interests of the minority – NOT CORPORATE AMERICA.

The filibuster is becoming synonymous with Senate Republicans and that is a travesty.  Makes me wish that the GOP would have voted for that nuclear option.

Gallagher said this about 30 years ago:

“if the opposite of ‘PRO’ is ‘CON’ – what is the opposite of ‘PROGRESS’?

The answer is Republicans. 

You are a bunch of liars who constantly use name-calling as a way to divide the country between the people who read and think with those too lazy to research your lies and those who lack the common sense to know the difference.  (I know I’ve insulted a ton of people here, but come on – WAKE UP PEOPLE.  Do some reading.  Besides, this is in the true spirit of Festivus.)

Instead of offering real alternatives to the legislation the Democrats present, you just criticize and oppose. 

You’ve blamed Obama for a recession that began under Bush’s watch and was partially caused by the legislation you passed when you controlled Congress. 

Your approach is old, tired and stale and you need to be replaced. 



You’re the worst of the lot. 

The Republicans call you the liberal, elite media when in fact you’re just lazy, incompetent and complicit. 

There is no such thing as investigative journalism anymore.  When interviewing people (politicians and pundits), you never offer a challenging follow up question.  If someone lies or offers misinformation, you let it go as fact. 

You put question marks on your headlines in order to exonerate yourself from responsibility.

Democrats are destroying America?

It’s been over 35 years since Watergate and real investigative journalism.  Since that time we have been hit with stories like Whitewater and Monica (Clinton) and terrorism (Bush).

You let the previous administration get away with everything without questioning them yet have called this administration out on everything using Republican talking points as fact. 

It’s amazing that in the era of 24 hour news you would think that we’d get more in-depth coverage of meaningful stories.  Instead we get more Tiger or complete analysis of David Letterman – ‘Was his apology good enough?’

I thought the era of ‘Yellow journalism’ was an embarrassment but the media in the last 1-2 decades has been even worse. 

Real newsmen like Walter Cronkite and Edward R Murrow are turning in their grave seeing what you have done to the industry they held in the highest regard.

You can’t fill a program with opinion and pundits and call it a news program.  That’s dishonest. 

‘We Report.  You Decide.” Is a nice slogan but you’re really not reporting anything.   You’re opining.


Sarah Palin

You quit as Governor of Alaska (which of course was good for Alaska) but your reasons were crap. 

You claim that you did it because you could do more outside of the office than you could as governor.  You also said that you’d be prevented from doing things as a lame duck since you were not planning on running for re-election.

Oh, please.

According to Alaskan law, you would have been prevented from getting the profits you made from your book if you were in office.

You say that we don’t like you because you’re religious, a strong woman and a mom.   To be honest, those are the 3 traits I like the MOST. 

Saying that Obama pals around with terrorists is a lie – AND YOU KNOW IT.

Saying that the government was going to hold ‘death panels’ in the healthcare reform bill was a lie – AND YOU KNOW IT.

Your folksy charm is nothing of the sort. 

I want my president to be extremely smart – not extremely deceitful and nasty. 

Please do us all a favor and go back into sports reporting.  Maybe ESPN will hire you now – if not, Fox Sports will. 

You betcha. 


I have problems with a lot more people but I wanted to stop around 1000 words. 

This “Airing of Grievances” has been great.

It’s time for the Feats of Strength.  Who shall I let try and pin me? 

Hey Beck – stop your crying and get over here.

Happy Festivus to all!



Gene – My 2 Buck$

How dare Obama bow – but it’s fine for Bush and Nixon

The cable dial was loaded with idiots criticizing President Barack Obama for bowing to the Emperor of Japan.

‘We don’t bow,” these morons cried.  Fox News, CNN, talk radio – the list goes on.  Doesn’t anyone fact check?  Doesn’t anyone do a Google search?

I did hear that President Obama wasn’t the first U.S. president to bow.  Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart and Randi Rhodes all mentioned it.

One doesn’t have to go much farther than George W. Bush to see that a U.S. president does, in fact, bow …

… and hold hands …

… and kiss.

President Obama’s bow was more respectful than President George H.W. Bush throwing up on the Japanese Prime Minister in 1992.

Even President Ronald Reagan bowed when appropriate.

President Dwight Eisenhower bowed to French President Charles De Gaulle in 1959.

Anyone remember that President Richard Nixon bowed to the Emperor of Japan Hirohito?

I’m sick of these pundits feigning anger and shock when a little research easily makes their claims look ridiculous – however their viewers and readers will never know the truth.

Do you really think the gang on Fox & Friends will tell their viewers that they were wrong when they criticized President Obama for respectfully bowing to a world leader since Presidents Bush, Eisenhower and Nixon did so as well?