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Obama and Palin – Dancing with the Stars

Sarah Palin and Barack Obama put on their dancing shoes for the next Dancing with the Stars.  John McCain will be dancing with Cloris Leachman and Joe Biden will hit the dance floor with Hillary Clinton.


[Video] Looks Like I’m Votin’ For a Black Man

His name is Clint Travis W. McWhitebrooks, but please call him Doobie.  He wrote and performed this song which is a humorous take on the southern Republicans internal battle between voting against their beliefs and best interests solely because of the color of the skin of the better candidate. 

Or Doobie’s just having some fun.




McCain and Obama trade jokes instead of jabs

Tonight both presidential candidates appeared at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York for the annual Alfred E. Smith dinner.  John McCain and Barack Obama took turns roasting each other as well as various attendees. 

No question that John McCain has better comedic timing.  His jokes on average were funnier than Obama’s who liked to laugh at his own jokes.  Both candidates took shots at themselves, the campaign’s accusations and each other. 

McCain took a shot at MSNBC’s host of Countdown, Keith Olbermann while Obama swiped at Fox News.

I give the edge in the Last Presidential Comic Standing to John McCain.   It’s all in good fun.

John McCain’s stand-up act – Part 1

John McCain’s stand-up act – Part 2


Barack Obama’s stand-up act – Part 1

Barack Obama’s stand-up act – Part 2



What if McCain loses his temper at the debate?

John McCain has a history of losing his temper. He was on the irritable side during the first debate and sneeringly called Barack Obama ‘That One’ in the second. Recently, he’s shown hints of his temper during interviews since his poll numbers began to dive.

I’ve been wondering how it would go if McCain lost his temper and his composure during the debate and tried to take a swing at Obama. Would it cost McCain the election because he lost his temper and resorted to violence or would it generate sympathy votes because Obama would be accused by the right as beating up a defenseless old man?

I recalled the last time that a senior citizen took on a younger, in-shape man. The wedge between the Democratic and Republican Parties are as great as the rivalry in these pictures between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees.

Here John McCain (played by Yankees coach, Don Zimmer) charges Barack Obama (played by Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez). It looks like Obama is trying to hold off McCain.

Obama appears to push McCain to the ground. Of course, McCain could have just lost his footing.

McCain dives head-first into the ground.  Was Obama’s left cross the cause?  Is that what we’re calling Fighting the Smears?

Here McCain (still played by Zimmer) is being tended to in the ambulance following the altercation.

Palin and the Chipmunks [Video]

Trying to sum up all the events surrounding Sarah Palin over these past 6 weeks could be quite difficult. 

Mistress of the Web did a fantastic job of doing it all in just over 2 minutes.

Sunday Funnies – Politics & the Bailout

This week, we saw Wall Street’s worst week ever. I’m glad that the bailout re-energized the market.

Meanwhile, the John McCain – Sarah Palin campaign had increased the smear attacks on Barack Obama for 2 main reasons: To make us too scared to vote for him and to take our minds off of the economy. Unfortunately, only the former worked – on his base. So much so, that McCain has had to tell supporters that we shouldn’t fear Obama after McCain supporters have yelled ‘terrorist’ and ‘kill him’ at rallies. Too bad Palin and the surrogates didn’t get that message. (And neither did McCain – ‘if asked’.)

O.J. was found guilty. Which crime did the jury really find him guilty of?

Lets’ see how the comics saw the last week.

The Aunt Sarah’s Moose Stew Countdown Raffle

Have you entered the on-line raffle for your chance to win a can of the scrumptious award winning Aunt Sarah’s Moose Stew?   You’ll be glad that you did. 

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As Moose Stew becomes a national delicacy, please pray (not prey) for Bullwinkle.