About My 2 Buck$

Where do I begin? I’ve been interested in politics for as long as I can remember. When I was a child (spoiler alert: I’m going to date myself) my grandmother made me watch the Nixon resignation and the Ford inauguration.

In 1976, I went with a youth group to meet Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter. We, the kids, were taken to a small room where each of us asked the future President Carter a question. I’d give anything to remember what I asked – unless I tucked it away to avoid a lifetime of humiliation. (Knowing me, it was probably a very dumb and inappropriate question. Sorry Mr. President.)

My senior paper was about the 1980 presidential primaries and I proudly voted for the first time in the 1980 November election.

Flash forward ahead nearly 30 years. Good grief. That many?

I still am interested in politics. I still have my opinions. It may be tough to pin me down to a party by the issues.

Being mostly a Democrat, Republicans will find it shocking to find common ground on many issues.

I don’t like spin. I don’t like lies. I don’t like inconsistency.   I really detest hypocrisy. 

I am fine if you believed something in 1990 and your point of view changed as long as you’re honest about it. I can rattle off dozens of things where my perspective has changed over the last 20 years. But changing your point of view to pander, I can not handle.

I also take issue with the corporate influence in politics today especially when it comes at the expense of Americans.  It seems legislation can not pass through Congress without major corporate dollars behind it.  Look at so-called healthcare reform and the bankruptcy bill as examples.

Sometimes I mock. I can’t help it. I see something that is just begging to be made fun of and I can’t control myself.

I have a teenage son who, thanks to me, has the political bug. He’s on the high school newspaper and loves watching political shows with me. Poor boy.

He has been writing numerous political items in his school paper and don’t let him overhear you talking about politics – he will chime in.

My daughter is now away in college and really doesn’t care much for politics.  That was why I was surprised that she wanted to discuss the 2008 presidential election last year.  Her biggest disappointment was that she was not quite old enough to vote. 

She also took a couple of law classes during her senior year and just loved it.  She was incredible in her mock trial and she aced her constitutional law class.  I’ll bet she now knows more about the U.S. Constitution than many of our representatives in Washington. J

* * * * *

When I started this blog page, I had more time available to research and write.  Thanks to the state of the economy I was informed that my job was going to be eliminated some time during 2009 so I moved to a new, more time-consuming job rather than have to look for a new job.  Typically, I also had to carry over many of my old job responsibilities to my new job so I found myself working around 60 hours per week.

My goal is to post at least 3 items per week.  I’d love to post something daily but at least for the time being, I don’t see how that is possible.  Family, work and home are my top 3 priorities and writing for my blog unfortunately slides a little.

I have also started up on Twitter.  This is turning out to be fun as well.  I follow people from both sides of the aisle, comedians, television shows and music groups.  I also enjoy figuring out how to state my point in 140 characters or less. 

You may also notice that I now have my own domain name.  You can now find me on http://my2bucks.com

* * * * *

Thank you for stopping by.  Leave a comment or just say hi.  If you have a website, let me know.

Check me out on Twitter and follow me if you like.  If you tweet, let me know and be happy to follow you too.



18 responses to “About My 2 Buck$

  1. …love your site and your views….keep up the great work

  2. Your political opinion probably reflects the attitude of a majority of Americans.
    Lots of us are getting tired of being labled by a bunch that listens to the same propaganda noise on AM radio all day. It’s sickening. They don’t even realize it’s republikan propaganda.

    Keep up your blog. I find it interesting and refreshing.

  3. samanthemofthesun

    I am so hopeful. I want to believe that America is above all of this noise, and can see right through it. It has been hard but I have been watching the RNC just to stay informed and say that I have given each side its airing. I threatened to leave the country the first time W won, then thought “I can’t abandon my country to these pricipals”. I threatened it again the second time, then stayed for the same reason. I have learned by watching the RNC that I am not an American, or one of the favored few, just one of the “Angry Left” who has no voice. I now understand that should Senator McCain and his republican’s win again, this will no longer even BE my country. Thank you for your site, as it sheds powerful light in a gloomy corridor….

  4. Just found this site, and so far am very eager to see more. Good for you, and what you are doing. B.T.W., can you tell me how to write to “Anne” who knows Sarah Palin since 1992? I’m a 77 year old Caucasian woman, who was NOT taken with Sarah’s speech, knows it was done by a professional speech writer, and found myself frown with a suspicion that this is a woman to be wary of…for all the wrong reasons. Anne’s letter felt real, enlightening, well written, and I’d like to see it spread around. I’d also like Anne to know how much I admire her, and the risk she took in writing this piece. Interesting; when I was a young voter, this probably would never have gotten to the public (and it won’t be easy to do that now, I suspect.) Anne, you are a true patriot, with an obvious moral integrity and the courage to put yourself atat least some risk. Bless you.

  5. I too admire Anne for speaking out. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

  6. I like your site so far and I’m curious about the photo of the very pleasant-looking house with the stream behind it. Is that your home? Quiet lovely!

  7. The letter from Ann sounds like a hit peice from the Democrats. Me think you protest too much. I will watch for the facts not your BS.

  8. Homboylv,
    If the media confirms any of this, then you’ll be the first one to yell – liberal media. Go take your ‘ditto head’ and listen to Rush, Fox and Savage.
    They will tell you what you WANT to hear and let the facts be damed.
    And much of Anne’s letter has already been verified by the media.

  9. I like your blog and I have bookmarked it. As a Democratic precint person here in Geauga County, Ohio, I would love to pass on the” letter from the person who has known Sarah Palin since 1992″ to everyone I know. But before I do I would want to see if the source could be verified. Is the author the Anne the person referred to in the New York Times article, and how do we know, and have any of her facts been checked? We have to know this because circulating an anonymous attack letter that is unverified and unsigned is just as bad as those Carl Rove tactics we all deplore. But if the letter is genuine I think people should know.

  10. Ben,

    I appreciate your kind words.

    Anne’s name is mentioned in the article and she recommends running a Google check. As you saw, she was mentioned in the NY Times article and is quoted in this story discussing the librarian situation.

    A number of her items have been addressed. She had requested that her email address not be shared, so I have honored that request.

    Personally, I suspect that with all the attention this letter has received, she will be doing an interview at some point.

  11. Thank you for being an involved citizen. Reading your articles is like finally getting a breath of fresh air. Keep your spirits up and good luck to you.

  12. Just found you ~ and I’m thankful I did! As a dyed-in-the-wool Republican all my life, this is the year I break free from that oppression — I *DO* have a choice! Thanks for helping me realize that! Thanks for you honesty…thanks for your courage! 🙂

  13. Nice site – found you through mine! As an Alaskan, it’s especially interesting to see how people view Sarah and our state…

  14. climbergal,
    What is your site name? I would like to stop by.

    My opinion of Sarah is definitely not reflective of my view of Alaska. I have wanted to visit Alaska for as long as I could remember. My job doesn’t provide me with the luxury of the length of vacation that would be necessary to fully appreciate all that Alaska has to offer. I figure to be out there in 5 years or so.

  15. willowsage,
    Welcome. I have spoken to a good number of people who have voted Republican their entire lives and are supporting Obama in this election. Somewhere along the line, the Republican Party has turned its back on Americans.

  16. For those that wish to make a stand and fight to get our progressive radio station back in South Florida, please contact me. If I have to file a lawsuit, I will do so, but we need public support.

    I can be contacted at chrizzia@aol.com.

    Send me your name, address and phone. I will then take it to the next level.

    Clear Channel has a responsibility to the SFLA community. I urge all who believe in allowing the bell of progressive radio to ring freely again to contact me asap. I believe this could be an excellent case for the ACLU.


  17. trish in SW FL

    Love your blog–nice job!

    Oh, don’t feel old at all–my “intro to politics” goes back a bit too.

    A teacher in grade school assigned watching the Kennedy-Nixon debate as homework. I have loved politics ever since! 🙂

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