Standing Against Israel – Strange Bedfellows indeed

If there seems to be a single issue that rallies the Teabaggers, Liberals, bigots and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad it is their stance on Israel.

On-line friends (Twitter and bloggers) have surprised me with the speed with which they pounced on the ‘big, bad Israel’ position.  I expected it from the Ahmadinejad’s of the world as well as the anti-Semites.  But Progressives who claim to be hate-free and open-minded?

Even before the first video hit YouTube, I found many liberal friends chastise Israel for attacking the poor Flotilla with nothing but humanitarian aid and love for the desperate Palestinians in Gaza.

With the same conviction that we mocked when Republicans blindly supported a president and the lies that led us into 2 wars, many liberals charged that Israel was guilty without ever hearing a single fact.

I even read comments where people said that they will never be convinced that Israel could be justified in Flotilla-gate.   Wow.  And they call themselves liberal.

They quickly dismiss any comments and evidence coming out of Israel and denounce anyone who supports them.  Just as quickly, they post stories linking to anything promoting the Flotilla (or anti-Israel) cause without seeking supporting evidence.

They post every country that gives dollars, arms or aid to Israel but ignore which organizations support the Palestinians in Gaza and Hamas.  [Hint: you may want to read about IHH and their ties to Hamas]

Just who agrees with my liberal friends who stand united against Israel?

Let’s start with former grand wizard of the KKK and possible US presidential candidate – David Duke.

Link to David Duke post 

Duke’s post has an interesting choice of photos:  A slew of sheets with eyes cut out – just like those worn by the KKK.  Above the Klansmen is the word – Kohanim (Jewish high priests).  Duke clearly is equating the Jewish supremacy with his White supremacy.  Fascinating if not also hypocritical – and laughable.

Just by spending a little time on this website, one can see the hatred Duke and his friends have against Israel and Jews.  He also has a ‘Euro’ website called  Who can forget in 2006 when David Duke travelled to Iran to meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Holocaust deniers?

David Duke & Ahmadinejad at Holocaust Denier Conference in Iran (2006)

Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke in 1979

What is David Duke’s website’s position on the Israeli – Gaza situation?  Link to We are all Gazans now.

We know Iran has offered an escort to the next convoy to Gaza.

Duke, Ahmadinejad and others deny the Holocaust despite the evidence (photos, videos and survivors) supporting its existence.  Some deniers say that killings may have taken place but the numbers are nowhere near the 6 million claimed. 

It reminds me of the birthers claim that President Obama may have been born in the United States but how can we be sure unless we see the birth certificate?

Also, they mock or attack Holocaust survivors. (i.e. Elie Wiesel – enjoy the ‘fake’ pictures of the Holocaust at the end of this link]

They quickly defended Helen Thomas for her vile words but are incensed by the similarly vile sentiments of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, et al.

If Thomas had said the same words against the Palestinians, Mexicans, Homosexuals or Blacks, they would have called for her head – and rightly so.

There are many hate-filled websites that openly discuss their hatred for Jews.  Some even hide behind the words ‘Israel’ and ‘Zionist’.  But when you dig a little deeper, you will find that many people who are quick to judge Israel do so because of their hatred of Jews.

I refuse to list the websites here as I do not want to give them any more recognition even if only a single person would have clicked on that hate-filled link.

How often have we, on the left, criticized the hate-laden messages of the Teabaggers?  It’s time you looked in the mirror to see the words that come out of your mouths and how similar they sound to those of the Teabagger Nation. 

I’m not condoning any atrocities that are taking place in the Middle East but for too long I’ve watched some of my friends act like those angry Teabaggers.

[Note:  If you’ve been on the fence until all the evidence has come in and the investigation has concluded – you are what I expect a progressive to be and this rant does not target you]


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