Party Problems – Democrats and Republicans need to take control of their parties

Republicans and Democrats have lost control of their respective parties.  Democrats to the spineless and Republicans to the Teabaggers.

Democrats have control of the House, Senate and White House yet they act like they are the minority party.  They are overdoing this compromise crap and refuse to stand their ground for what is the right thing to do.  They caved so much in the name of compromise that the healthcare reform bill will cost taxpayers a fortune, ensure that the status quo gets stronger and does nothing to reform healthcare in America.  And still the bill will probably fail.  And Democrats are proud saying that it’s better than nothing.

The Weak-ocrats cave to any pressure put on them by the far right fringe, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News rather than stand strong and call them out for what they are – obstructionists.

Instead of banding together to defeat the minority and pass the legislation on their agenda as the Republicans did for more than a decade, they fold, compromise and wilt at the sign of a GOP-led Senate filibuster.

During the Bush years, the Republicans threatened the nuclear option which would eliminate the filibuster as a means of stopping a bill.  In fact, the Republicans called out the Democrats at the mere mention of a filibuster stating that the bill or confirmation deserved an up or down vote.  Then they won with their majority by banding together. 

It’s time for the Democrats to stand up for the people and drive legislation through that will benefit this country and Americans.  And to hell with what the Right say about them and they need to call out those who stand in the way of progress.

On the other hand, I worry more about the real Republicans in this country.  Their party has been hijacked by a far right fringe that are known as the Teabaggers.  (I know it’s the Tea Party). 

The Republican candidate wasn’t ‘conservative’ enough in NY-23 for this group of right wingers that they put up their own candidate from the Conservative Party.

Lincoln Chafee has opted to run for Rhode Island governor as an Independent candidate and is avoiding a teabagger primary challenger.

In Florida, moderate Governor Charlie Crist is probably going to lose his primary challenge to teabagger Marco Rubio.  The fringe group has ousted the head of the Florida GOP who was a supporter of Crist.

This group offers no alternatives – just obstruction.  They scream loudly and bash the opposing point of view relentlessly.  They frequently misspeak and load up on the name-calling. 

They are the bully and squeaky wheel on steroids. 

The Republicans need to take back their party.  They need to call out these fringe teabaggers and start putting out candidates that can add to the dialog without making a mockery of the political process.

They can start by standing up to Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and all the teabaggers currently collecting a paycheck in Congress. 

I know I’m tired of having my tax dollars go to a fringe group that is setting back America more than a century. 

Replacing weak and scared is easy but replacing loud and nasty is not.  Our system is no longer politics as usual.  We need big changes.







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