Halloween for our loyal best friend

Halloween on a Saturday brought out the crazies and the partiers.  I guess that big full moon also played a part.

My wife shot down my idea to decorate my house as if it was quarantined due to the swine flu (H1N1).  A chalk outline by the front door, police tape roping off part of the area, ‘Enter at Your Own Risk’ signs and speakers set up to play a loop of a person coughing.  I would have put makeup on my face to look like a sick person.  When I opened the door, I’d cough for effect and then put my hand into the bowl with the candy to hand to the kids.

Totally would have creeped people out.  And of course, that’s what I’m about.

Anyway, we went to a nice outdoor shopping area during the day and I have to admit, I was kind of bothered.  The shopping center invited families to come around to their stores and collect candy.

‘Doggie Bars’ were set up around – bowls with water – as it was quite hot and the dogs had to deal with some of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in quite a while.

People dressing up their dogs in costumes.  Of course, it looks cute, but I really wonder if the dogs like it.  I saw 2 or 3 dogs actually crying (yelping).  One was wearing a Gone With the Wind Scarlett O’Hara hat.

Don’t worry boy (or girl) – I would have been crying too if I had been in that costume.

So I started asking myself, is it abusive to dress your pet in a Halloween costume?  What about dressing them up and walking them around in public?  What about when it is almost 90 degrees out?

Unintentionally, the theme was continued only a couple of hours later in another store when I saw a variation of an As Seen on TV product.

snuggie for dogs box

Really?  A Snuggie for dogs?  Look at the eyes on this dog.  Clearly, he is begging for someone to remove the Snuggie.


So my brain takes me further down on the pets / As Seen on TV combination.

potty patch

If you have ever seen this commercial, it is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen.  Dogs walk over to the patch and then pose.

Imagine training your dog to go on the Doggie Patch.  There has got to be an odor.  Has to be.

But the best As Seen on TV product of all time:

Potty Putter 2My 2 Buck$


3 responses to “Halloween for our loyal best friend

  1. Very funny. The potty putter is hysterical.

    It was cold and rainy in PA on Halloween. Not very much fun for the little ones.

  2. BTW – dogs in Florida don’t need “snuggies”. They need air conditioners.

  3. The commercial on television is on eof the funniest I’ve ever seen. It almost seems like an SNL sketch.

    Those dogs really needed the air conditioner that day. It was hot and I wasn’t covered in fur or a costume.