People watching at the mall – Men in Capris

This past weekend my wife and I took our walking indoors to Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise.  It is a very large tourist trap / discount mall which attracts people from all over including tours from the cruise lines.

One of the things we enjoy is people-watching.  It adds a little excitement to the walk and sometimes we look at a specific fashion style or accessory.  During our recent time in EPCOT, I was on the lookout for people wearing crocs. 

At least they match the shirt

At least they match the shirt

Sunday, I began by looking for men wearing fanny bags.  Except for senior citizen men, this has been out of style for around 20 years.  I’m still trying to forget that I used to wear one – along with my zubaz. 

Zubaz and a suit.  Now that's class

Zubaz and a suit. Now that's class

I wasn’t inside the mall more than 3 minutes before I identified 2 men wearing fanny packs. 

a good use of fanny pack

I'm glad he's wearing a fanny pack

Do you want to tell him?

Do you want to tell him?

Then my wife informed me of her fashion oddity.  She would be looking for men wearing capris.  Thanks to a Christopher Titus standup routine, each time she saw one, she said to me that he’d have to ‘turn in his man card.’

I have to admit, it was fun seeking out the manpris.   Pants on a man that taper around the calf and shin with ties or buttons is just plain wrong.  Even if it is in style – just like zubaz. 

capri 1

capri 2

We saw one man in his 20’s wearing shorts that they wore in the 1970’s.  You only see those frighteningly short shorts on senior citizen men who have decided they want to start exercising and those are the only shorts they own.

1970's shorts

I was flabbergasted when I saw someone wearing what appeared to be regular jeans with the leg cuffs folded up a couple of times ending around his calfs. 

No comment

No comment

We saw dozens in the 90 minutes we were walking and they varied from khaki to jean capris.  We even saw a man who looked like he fell out of Woodstock in the 1960’s wearing stone washed, torn, ragged jean capris.  It was hilarious – along with his unwashed, frazzled gray pony tail.

What we found amazing was that you could not pin down the Capri phenomenon to a specific stereotype.  Young, old, black, white, American, European.  It didn’t matter.  It seems like we saw all cultures covered. 

The only thing was certain.  Men should not wear capris and if they do – they must turn in their man card. 




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