Toxic Chinese Drywall – When is Enough Enough?

Toxic Chinese toys have faded into memory, now used as comedic fodder for late night talk show hosts along with Dick Cheney shooting the guy in the face.

The major Chinese import issue that doesn’t get the type of publicity it should is the toxic drywall being used in construction projects.

The problem is becoming more widespread not because more homes are currently being built with imported Chinese drywall but the effects of the drywall previously installed are now coming to light.


Most homes affected will have been built between 2003 and 2007 – during the peak hurricane years.  As such, homes in the southeast, Gulf coast, Texas and southwest will have the heaviest concentration though the drywall has been found in most states in the US and in Canada.

The initial symptom usually is a sulfur type of smell (rotten egg).  Other things homeowners discovered is the failure of the air conditioning system (A/C coils) and corrosion of the electrical wiring.

Residents also reported respiratory problems, headaches and nose bleeds.  Pets have inexplicably died, jewelry tarnished and appliances would stop working – failed coils and elements.

What is pathetic is that no one is willing to help the owners of these toxic homes.

Insurance companies are cancelling the policies of these homeowners.

The builders who used the imported drywall both deny knowledge and are ignoring the homeowners’ calls.

Lenders are rejecting homeowner’s requests of walking away from these homes.

The media refuses to properly cover or investigate this matter.

History of Imported Chinese products

Back in 2007, I was extremely frustrated that the MSM seemed to ignore the imports coming in from China.  On the internet, I had found reports of tainted pet food, chicken and fish feed, toothpaste, imported fish, honey and tires.  I reported about it on my now defunct website under a heading called – Is China Purposely Poisoning Us?

The story finally hit the headlines when it was reported that our imported children’s toys proved to be tainted with lead-based paint.  This was followed in July, 2007 with the execution of the Chinese head of food safety.

As time progressed, I found only comedians like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart would address the matter.

Now, we’re about a year or so into this latest revelation of imported Chinese drywall.

Still, we deal with the Chinese with kid gloves evidently because our economies are now fused together to put it mildly.

Before I purchase any product, I check the label to make certain that the product was not made in China.  I am afraid to wear something (like socks) that was imported from China.  I will not eat any food prepared in something made in China (rice cooker) nor will I purchase a coffee mug from there.

I’m not certain that it will harm me but the history has proven that I can not take any chances.  It takes too long to get wind of these problems and the media is being irresponsible by essentially ignoring this very important issue.

What can we do?

First, go to Chinese Drywall Complaint Center.

This site provides many more details including an overview, indications, what to do and so much more.  It is an important website if you know or even suspect that your home contains drywall imported from China.

The website recommends that you contact your doctor, the State health department, Homeowners Consumer Center / America’s Watchdog and your government representatives.

The more noise made about this the better.  I’d also contact the local television news stations to see if anyone would be willing to broadcast.

Don’t forget to check with your neighbors because if your homes were constructed about the same time and your house is suffering the effects of toxic drywall, the likelihood that some of your neighbors have the problem is quite high.

I was driving over the weekend in Broward County, Florida and saw an extremely large sign posted on a house that said ‘Toxic House Sold by Stonebrook’.

CBS 4 in Miami covered this story and it is worth the read and there is a video.  [Click here]

When I drove by the house on Monday (I wanted to take a picture for this story) but the sign was removed.  I wonder who demanded that the sign come down.

We really need to focus more on this issue as it is clear that our government and media will not properly give this story the attention it needs and deserves.

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My 2 Cents old Website from 2007.  If you want to check out some of my old links – click on Is China Purposely Poisoning Us?


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