The War on Texting While Driving

More cities are banning texting while driving citing the recent study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute that showed that drivers who text while driving are 23 times as likely to have an accident other drivers.

This law does make sense but why are they only going after the people who text?  The Obama Administration said that the problem was ‘distracted drivers.’  I agree with that.

I absolutely get annoyed at drivers who are looking at their phones texting while driving – especially with the ones with both hands on their phone while both the phone and their hands rest on the top of the steering wheel.

The problem is much more widespread than that.

First of all, how will they identify the texters who have mastered the skill of one-handed texting without looking at the phone?  Their hand can be at their side and they can compose an entire text without taking their eyes off of the road.  A quick look down and they can make sure they fire it to the correct person.

Then you have the people who receive a text.  Is reading an incoming text also going to be illegal?

What about dialing the phone to call someone or looking at the caller id and answering the incoming call?

What about handling the GPS while driving?  Can we no longer change the radio channel or adjust the volume?

Or reading a newspaper?  This one drives me nuts. 

What about the people who are too lazy or late to finish grooming at home?  Ever see those people who shave or put on makeup in the car?  I wonder if an eyeliner pencil ever went in someone’s eye after an accident.

How about the people who eat while driving?  If a tomato falls out of that sloppy burger and onto your shirt or dress, you’re bound to be distracted.  Not to mention the hand that is holding the burger should actually be on the wheel.

Ever see anyone changing their clothes in the car? 

If you’re a parent, you know that you’re easily distracted by a crying child, one who gets sick or just a kid that is carrying on.  “Are we there yet?”  How many times have we heard from our parents or said to our kids – “if you don’t stop this instant, I’m turning the car around.’

Driving is a series of distractions – some controllable and others obviously not.  Why pick on just texting?  And why start now?

This problem has been around since at least I was a child.

I’m guessing that the problem is also the people pushing this law are mostly older Americans who can’t understand that new-fangled message system on the phone.  After all the Jitterbug doesn’t have texting, does it?

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At least she's not texting!

At least she's not texting!


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