Pondering Palin and Levi

With Sarah Palin’s new book coming out next month, I thought I’d share a few thoughts I had.

  • Did Palin really write a book of over 400 pages?  As soon as I heard of the book, I did a Google search on ‘Sarah Palin Going Rogue ghostwriter’ and the name Lynn Vincent came back.  Do your own research on her.
  • With Going Rogue coming out are we surprised that Bristol’s ex-fiancé Levi Johnston announced plans to pose for Playgirl?  (Gives a new meaning to Going Rogue).
  • When Palin resigned, Johnston said that she was resigning to make money.  I recalled an article stating that there were restrictions to the ways an Alaska politician could make money.  When I heard of the book, I thought of that Johnston line.  A little research and I found the Politico article from October 2008 which said that she could possibly make money for writing her memoirs but would not be able to make money from speaking engagements.  Do we know how much Palin made last month when she spoke in Hong Kong?
  • And to Palin’s defense – I am nothing if not fair – Johnston has criticized Palin and like I said in the last paragraph said she is in it for the money.  What has Johnston done since the election?  He appeared on Tyra Banks and has already appeared (clothed) in GQ and Vanity Fair.  The more he talks, the more coverage he gets.  Now we’re going to have to see his Johnston as he does his photo shoot for Playgirl. 
  • I have no problem with people being enamored with Palin.  My problem is that these people believe that she should be the president.  We’ve already had a president for 8 years that could not complete a coherent sentence and he speaks more intelligently than Palin does.  Many of us had difficulty with the concept of voting for John Kerry because much of the time he doesn’t make sense.  International leaders whose primary language is not English should NEVER speak more intelligently than our own president.
  • When she goes on her book tour I wonder if the host will ask her specifics about the book.  Since we know she didn’t write it and I’m sure she didn’t read it, how could she answer the questions?  Then again, no one will be able to challenge the answers because the host will not have read the book and neither will have the viewers.
  • If Palin’s base actually try to read Going Rogue, will they become disenchanted with her over the probable lack of You betcha’s?   Actually, I more expect her base to say look ‘she is intelligent – see the big words she wrote in her book.’
  • If she runs for president and loses, does she become the next Stephen Baldwin or Tom DeLay?  (Conservatives who frequent reality programs.)  I’d love to see her on Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader.

palin and levi


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