Swine Flu – Are You Scared Yet?

We are still being told that we should fear the H1N1 virus – also known as the swine flu.

The article in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel opens with ‘No worse than seasonal flu, so far.’

The second line (actual title) is more calming – ‘After 6 months, swine flu looks pretty mild.

Then they drop the fear bomb with the sub-title – ‘Danger of H1N1 virus is not what it is but the potential of what it could become.’

Even before reading the actual article, I was told all I needed to know.  It’s all about fearing the potential.  We are programmed to fear worst case scenario, fear the unknown, fear of a boogey-man.

We all fear another terrorist attack, Global Warming, killer bees, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, bird flu, swine flu, and so on.  Let’s not forget ‘side effects may include . . . ‘.

Both political parties make us frightened.  According to the right, we better fear ‘the gays’ and they’ll inflict their lifestyle onto the rest of us.  And the left has us worrying if we don’t stop made-made Global Warming we’re doomed as doomed can be.

Once a hurricane is less than a week a way, we are bombarded with non-stop news briefs hyping up the storm.  We are shown long lines at The Home Depot and Publix as everyone is stocking up for the impending doom.

It doesn’t matter what the alert, the media will hype it up.  They, of course, sell papers and gain viewers with each fear.  The more deadly the better.  And if they could make it about YOU then you could be hooked.

Shortly after the first outbreak of H1N1 in Mexico the media went to work alerting us to this widespread pandemic that would surely ensue.

Anyone coughs and we’re concerned that they are suffering from the swine flu.  Companies and restaurants put up hand sanitizers at entrances – which now reminds me of being on a cruise ship.

On October 6th, the swine flu vaccine should become available.  Insurance companies are offering to pay for the vaccine without co-pays.  Then it must be serious if the insurance companies don’t expect to profit from it.

I must say that I agree with Bill Maher who said on Twitter ‘If u get a swine flu shot ur an idiot.’

I know a number of people who over the years have gotten flu shots only to come down with the flu.  Isn’t that the purpose of the vaccine – to prevent the flu?

Back to the Sun-Sentinel for a minute:

“As the new bug circulates, health officials fear it may mix with others to create a new version that spreads faster or causes more deaths. For instance, the bird flu that appeared in Asia in 2006 kills most who get it but does not spread easily in humans. A bad scenario would be if that bird flu combined with the new, easily spread H1N1, said Virginia flu expert Richard Wenzel, past president of the International Society for Infectious Diseases.”

Now we’re worried about mutating diseases.  What if that bird flu came back?

Actually, that could happen in a lab.  Isn’t that how we have killer bees?

According to the article, more people may get swine flu than seasonal flu but seasonal flu kills a greater percentage.

“Also, the World Health Organization this week said two dozen cases of swine flu were resistant to the vaccine. On the plus side, everyone who had the flu will be immune to getting it again.”

This article admits that the vaccine may not work.  And it says that you will be immune to a reoccurrence.  That is, of course, unless it mutates with some other disease.   I was always told growing up that once I had chicken pox, I’d never get it again.  They didn’t warn us about shingles.

Where more people die from many other things, maybe I’ll worry about them.  Instead, I think I’ll try my best to take care of myself and enjoy life on a daily basis not worrying about every thing that comes along.

Oh and I’ve cancelled my subscription to the newspaper.

If you wake up looking like this, don’t go to work…

If you wake up looking like this, don’t go to work…


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