Mark Foley: He’s Back and Has a Radio Program

I guess we should be surprised that former Republican Congressman Mark Foley actually resigned from Congress.  Republicans involved in sex scandals genuinely stay in office.

David Vitter – caught with a prostitute – is still in office.

Mark Sanford and John Ensign cheat on their wives and are . . . . still in office.

Larry Craig – caught in the airport men’s room seeking a good time – is still in office.

Mark Foley – sends explicit emails to congressional pages (teenagers) and he resigned.  Of course he resigned because it was right before the 2006 elections and he was going to be a distraction.

So his low profile has ended at about 3 years.  He started a radio talk show this week where he answers questions sent in from emails.  Obviously, too scared to take a phone call.

Sounds like a winning format.

But is he going to run again?

“I doubt I will re-enter the political arena as an office-seeker, but I will use my experience and my voice to help others, to rally for economic sanity, to bring about real reforms on a local, state and even national level.”

Will he use his experience with pages?  (Sorry?)

An article I saw in the Sun-Sentinel Tuesday night caught my attention and delayed / altered my original post on this subject.

The title was:  Former Congressman Mark Foley addresses scandal.

Subtitle:  On radio show, he says he never told parents about homosexuality.

As far as I’m concerned the two items are separate.  The scandal Foley found himself involved in was one where Foley sent sexual emails to teenage congressional pages.

Being a child predator has nothing to do with homosexuality.

Read the opening 2 paragraphs in that article:

PALM BEACH COUNTY – Mark Foley, the former U.S. congressman who left office in 2006 after the revelation that he sent sexually explicit messages to male congressional pages, publicly addressed the scandal Tuesday during a radio talk show that he will be hosting each week.

Foley said he hid his homosexuality because he “worried about electability.”

A Republican worried about electability because of his sexuality.  Who would’ve thunk it?

Right out of the box, [WSVU 960 AM General Manager Chet] Tart asked about the 2006 career-ending scandal and why Foley never acknowledged being gay.

“It was a deeply personal issue and, frankly, I was frightened of voter reaction,” he explained. “I’d never mentioned it to my own parents so to admit it publicly would be a lot more difficult, as a backdrop.”

Article author, Missy Diaz clearly links the 2 items together.  It’s disingenuous and unprofessional.  I have no issue with covering both.  It’s fair to discuss his child predator scandal with congressional pages and it’s fair to ask why he felt the need to hide his sexual preference.  But Diaz crosses a journalistic integrity line when she merges the 2 items implying that homosexuals are child predators or sexual deviants.

A few paragraphs later, Diaz does permit a single paragraph when Foley only mentions the scandal.

He characterized the messages he sent as “inappropriate and sad” and said he acted “egregiously, humiliated pages and made a mockery of the job I loved so much.”

Back to his radio show, I don’t live in the coverage area of the station nor would I listen if I could.  I have no interest in hearing Foley’s political opinion.  Personally, he should be in jail and the article does mention that no charges were brought ‘citing lack of evidence.’  Interesting because the emails exist and that was the evidence and the pages themselves were witnesses.

Foley was also interviewed by Javier Manjarres for the Conservative Republican Alliance in Florida web-site.  Manjarres believes that Foley is considering a run some time in the future though he admits Foley never said that.

Well, John McCain can have an affair and eventually run for the presidency.

Welcome back to public life Mark.  It’s time to turn the page.  (I can’t believe I said that)

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Disgraced Ex-Congressman


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  1. Nothing Republicans and their followers do surprises me any more. They’re more like a cult than a political party.