Baucus predicts health care overhaul. Really?

Montana Senator Max Baucus has said that there will be a health care overhaul regardless of whether or not there is bipartisan support.

All well and good, Senator.max baucus

Just one question.

What do you mean by ‘overhaul’?

Overhaul does not mean keeping some semblance of the status quo.  When I’ve overhauled things, I may keep one or two items but the rest go.

Keeping the status quo and changing a couple of items is a ‘tweak’.

We need an overhaul.  We need all uninsured Americans to have access to the same healthcare that the fully covered and the wealthy have access to – without fear of bankruptcy.

We need all Americans with pre-existing conditions or other gaps in their coverage to see those restrictions eliminated.

No one should ever have to worry about financial devastation due to a medical condition.

We must remove the millions of dollars flowing to our elected representatives in order to buy their support.

We must eliminate the financial motive (corporate profit) from determining whether or not any American’s life is worth saving.

Senator Baucus is correct.  We demand an overhaul.

I just don’t believe we’ll see it nor do I believe our Congress truly wants one.


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