William Shatner recites Sarah Palin’s farewell speech

William Shatner recites Sarah Palin’s farewell speech as a poem as only Mr. Shatner can.

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4 responses to “William Shatner recites Sarah Palin’s farewell speech

  1. That was very funny… William Shatner went up a couple notches in my eyes after that…lol He did good… Actually SP’s words never sounded better.. I could almost understand them…lol At least I could listen to them…

  2. Very true. 🙂 I actually liked him in Boston Legal too.

  3. It’s beautiful. As you know I haven’t watched the Palin speech but this seems to sum it up to my satisfaction and put it in a clear way for me then Palin could. Maybe Palin can do her 2012 speeches in poetry and we’ll come to love her a little bit more……not!

  4. I was hoping Shatner would recite the 5 minutes I watched of it. After watching him, I have to be honest. I have no clue if it was the same piece or not and I didn’t want to waste the brain cells trying to figure it out.