Sarah Palin – the next Ivan Drago?

The dust has settled a little on the news of Sarah Palin’s surprise resignation as governor of Alaska as well as the news that she will not seek re-election next year.

In a Tuesday morning news conference she followed up on some points that really – make no sense.  It’s true that the Republicans will spin this into some phenomenal political strategy that is as out-of-the-box and forward thinking as . . . as . . . say . . . John McCain picking Sarah Palin to be hipalin1s running mate.

In referring to her resignation she said, “That caught people off guard. . . . It’s out of the box and unconventional.  That’s what we are as Alaskans and certainly how I am as a public servant.” 

First of all, did she say that all Alaskans quit in the middle of a job?  I know that’s not what she meant but let’s face it, that’s what she said. 

And about the ‘public servant’ part – in a few weeks, you aren’t one any longer.   The best way she could be a public servant is to actually have a job.

The problem with someone in the political arena with presidential aspirations catching everyone off-guard – you tend to come off as spontaneous and impulsive.  That’s a scary combination when you have access to ‘the button.’

“I’m not going to take the comfortable path.  I’m going to take the right path for the state.” 

She took the comfortable path.  She believes that by staying on as governor, she will be continually hounded by the MSM and charged with further ethics violations.  So rather than be hounded and attacked (in her mind), she quit.  That seems like the comfortable path to me.  The tough path for her would have been to stay on and take on all challengers.

I do have to agree with her that stepping down is best for the state.  First of all, it has to suck for the state to have your governor charged with so many ethics violations and to be mocked so fiercely.  Secondly, maybe Sean Parnell will be able to bring respect back to the Alaska governor’s mansion.  (Of course, Republicans will take exception to that statement, but I had researched Palin dating prior to August 29th.  There were questions about her integrity prior to the MSM coming on board.)

Then addressing the comments from the media that her political career is over with her resignation, she pulled out one of the best lines from Rocky IV – with a Palin twist.

“If I die, I die.  So be it.”

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3 responses to “Sarah Palin – the next Ivan Drago?

  1. She is just smart enough to know what to say to make herself the martyr and make people feel bad for her so they will think she is the victim, and want to vote for her and support her. Just as she did during the campaign last year in smearing Obama.. she will do the same thing now.. for the next 3 years and will make it her life’s work to get elected.. look out.. Like I said.. she scares me.

  2. She’s definitely playing the victim. She ruined her own career. She just can’t seem to take blame for her failings. I hope her career dies cause we don’t need her.

  3. I can’t help feeling sorry for the poor state of Alaska. Anyone seen any population numbers? Wonder if there’s been a mass migration outta there???

    I can’t help but hope she sticks around, strictly
    for comic relief! She’s the best argument for being a Democrat that I’ve seen in a long time!

    Great job on the post. Like the blog!