Mark Sanford – Just Another Hypocrite

When you’re out of town, very often you miss some very big news stories.  This past week was no exception as I was traveling around the state taking my son on a college tour.   Even on the road, I still managed to hear that we lost Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and Billy Mays.  (It’s weird putting Mays in with the other 3.  Sort of like saying that I’m fans of the following baseball players:  Babe Ruth, Joe Dimaggio, Willie Mays and David Wright.)

Iran’s citizens are protesting the results of their ‘election’ which may encourage me to re-post something I wrote in 2004 comparing the Bush – Kerry election and the Ukrainian election.  Here the results will not change but a clear message has been sent to the world that the people of Iran voted for change and the leaders of their country opted for more of the same.

Sanford and his family
Sanford and his family

The story that I most enjoyed was the story of a man from South Carolina – Mark Sanford – who is currently the governor.  The Republican – who stands of course for family values – decided to disappear for a few days without telling anyone.  He claimed to go hiking finally admitting to having an affair in Argentina. 

He’s the second Republican in the last month to be marked by a scandalous affair.  Nevada Senator John Ensign is the first.

Both Sanford and Ensign were up-and-coming Republicans who looked like they were headed for a White House run.  At the moment, both seem to have been derailed.  Sanford resigned as chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association but said he would not resign as governor.  This while more information is coming out about additional Sanford trysts.  

Of course, since both are Republicans, this will simply delay their political aspirations.  Don’t believe me:  John McCain cheated on his first wife with second wife, Cindy and he was the 2008 Republican nominee.  Rudy 9/11-iani Giuliani also cheated on his wives and ran for the presidency. 

Newt Gingrich, of course, chastised President Bill Clinton for his affair while Gingrich himself was having an affair. 

Republican David Vitter admits to sex with a prostitute and remains in office while Democrat Eliot Spitzer does the same thing and is threatened with impeachment by the Republicans – but then resigns.

John Edwards admits to having an affair and disappears from public life.  And you right wingnuts – don’t say that his wife was dying.  Gingrich asked for a divorce while his wife lay in a hospital bed recovering from uterine surgery and McCain cheated on his wife who had been seriously injured in an accident.

And to think we’re about to get hit with more of the John Edwards story thanks to a tell-all book by a former aide.  I’m sure he’ll sell 10 copies.  Yawn.

An affair is an affair.  It just seems hypocritical to me that the so-called party of values is quick to look away when one of their own is involved in an immoral act but they’re the first to accuse Democrats and the average person involved in the same offense.

What is even more galling is the apologetic pleas from the right as they explain why the Republicans immoral behavior is okay compared to the Democrats. 

 “Reprehensible” was the word used by Sanford when describing Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.  

He has no credibility left,” said Ensign as he called on Clinton to resign.

Judge not lest ye be judged.”  I wonder who said that?    

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Again, the party claiming to be the religious ones are the first to judge and throw stones – not to mention make excuses for why the 2 Jesus quotes do not apply to them.

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2 responses to “Mark Sanford – Just Another Hypocrite

  1. Clinton was impeached over his transgression. He should have been booted out of office after compromising the office as he did.

    Sanford’s marriage is in the crapper for sure and his political future looks like it should go in there too.

    In the end we can only agree that human weakness and lack of character knows no political boundaries.

    The only thing which prevents the press from rubbing our nose in it is for weeks on end is Michael Jackson’s death and he doesn’t have much nose left.

    Meanwhile, Rome burns.

    Ain’t this change thing just fricking awesome?

  2. It will always be more of the same. We just sit idly by thinking our vote will change things.

    Then again, Clinton had an affair and you called that compromising the office. How does that compare to lying us into a war? Look, I’ll be the first to admit Clinton made a bunch of mistakes and had many flaws but his 8 years were so much better than the last 8.