Happiness Is . . . Being a Fox News Viewer?

When I first saw the title of the LiveScience article, Happiness Is … Being Old, Male and Republican, I had to laugh.

My initial thought was – what kind of crap is this?

Then I thought of the Beatles classic song – Happiness is a Warm Gun.

Next, I thought of the song Happiness from You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  I played both Schroeder and Linus (and once I played both in the same show), when I was in the youth theatre when I was 12-14.

Isn’t ‘Old, Male and Republican’ the demographics for average Fox News viewer?

The title did entice me to open the story.  I was slightly surprised that it was published in Live Science.

The article opened with a reference to a Pew Research Center survey which claims that older Americans are happier than younger ones.  Is my dad happier than my kids?  Happier than me?  They don’t know the old people I know.  My dad’s wife has chronic pain; my in-laws constantly worry about their finances and health insurance.  In fact, most older Americans I know worry about these things.

My age group (my 40’s) worry about our job, finances and health.  And I’m happier that Obama won the election.

My kids are worrying about college and what career to select.

This article linked to previous studies to determine their results.

Happiness is partly inherited – from a January, 2009 survey

Republicans are happier than Democrats – is from a March, 2006 study.  Of course Republicans were happier than Democrats then.  Duh.  Bush was in the White House for 5 years and Democrats were upset with the direction of the Iraq war and the economy.  Fox News was providing their propaganda keeping their lemmings happy while Democrats were reading the news and knew the problems that were occurring and were on the horizon.  I bet Democrats are happier than Republicans today.

Old Men are happier than Old Women – Not very politically correct, is it?  This study was produced last August.

Why is the older generation happier?

Many people 65 and older retired and downsized their lifestyles before the economy imploded, according to Pew analysts. Most aren’t raising kids and many are not so worried about being laid off. Loss of income can be, of course, a source of stress and displeasure.

The last article from Live Science that had caught my attention like this one was that Farts can lower your blood pressure.  So you see what type of studies they enjoy reporting on.

Of course the Republicans I know are not happy.  They cry Obama this and Obama that.  They whine about Socialism.  The cry in defense of Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin.  We’ll being hearing them whine about ‘activist judges’ as President Obama prepares to name a nominee for the Supreme Court.

Glenn Beck doesn’t appear happy on television though I’m sure he’s dancing all the way to the bank.

But then a bunch has changed since the March, 2006 study they referenced.  That alone should discount this study.

All I know is that even with my uneasy employment situation, my crappy health insurance coverage, the plummeting value of my home, the cost of college for my 2 children and my shrinking retirement accounts – I’m still happier today than I was a year ago.

How does Pew use 3-year old research data especially when conditions have changed so significantly?  How does Live Science give credence to this study when it is obvious the data is outdated?  Of course, the author of this ‘Old, Male and Republican’ story from this month is the same as the author of the 2006 Republicans are happier than Democrats article.  I would guess that is only a coincidence.

They should have held a study comparing the happiness of Republicans and Democrats in 2006 versus 2009.  Though those results would have been highly predictable (or so I think), it would have more accurate than the obsolete data they used in this study.

Rush not looking too happy

Rush not looking too happy

Happy Democrats

Happy Democrats

Democrats looking happy

Democrats looking happy



2 responses to “Happiness Is . . . Being a Fox News Viewer?

  1. Funny story. I’m an old white woman and I smile a lot more than then the old white Republican men that live on my private road, not to mention that they have the grumpiest wives.

  2. Most Republicans I know – no matter the age – are much grumpier than I am.
    They also want us to stop blaming Bush forgetting that they blamed Clinton for the last 8 years.