Happy 1st Anniversary My2Buck$


It’s hard to believe a year has passed since this page was launched.  I had finally had enough of the childish behavior in the Democratic Party between the Obama and Clinton camps and was increasingly frustrated that the media seemed to ignore the ‘activities’ coming from the Republicans. 

I had given web pages a try but found that time didn’t allow for the devotion necessary to maintain the site (kind of like my last couple of months). 

My fourth attempt at a web site in 2007 called Webnutiae, later renamed My 2 Cents, attempted to provide an overview of the 2008 presidential race from both parties.  I also had a key feature called Is China Purposely Poisoning Us?

People thought I was exaggerating my concern over the imports of toothpaste, tires, fish, pet feed, toys, etc from China.  That was until China’s food safety chief was executed in July, 2007.

Then the lead-based paint in toys hit the front pages of the papers and my bandwagon filled quickly.

As the latest import issue of Chinese dry wall hit the news, I started reminiscing about that site.

Then came My2Buck$.  Designed to reflect my thoughts at the moment, I never expected to have more readers than my email circle of friends. 

What I found interesting was my friends showed no sustaining interest to read my writings and my hit count lagged.  Just as I considered packing in this attempt, Deanna started coming to the site.  She gave me the motivation I needed to continue.  (Thank you Deanna)

As the weeks progressed, more people visited and I found that I really enjoyed writing for this site and sharing perspectives with others. 

Overall, I found that my hurricane posts had done better than my political posts and I suspect as hurricane season comes ‘round again, those friends will be back again. 

My early Sarah Palin posts did very well since everyone was desperate to find out as much as they could about her.  I had 1 post that truly went viral having about 75,000 hits in one day.  The hits and comments for this post were fast and furious – I ended with over 400 for the letter and I stopped trying to respond to each one.

The right-wing sites found me and I was bombarded with comments bashing me, my readers and my issues. 

I’ve had my share of hate mail but my favorite one is the following:

As a Texas coast resident I was searching for Ike spaghetti models since I missed tghe news this evening. I am DISGUSTED by your anti republican propaganda and rhetoric on your website. I will never check your website again…and by the way McCain and Palin will win the election you moron.

I guess she (yes she left a name) doesn’t care for the truth.  I just wonder if she looked at the spaghetti models BEFORE she left the site.

I realized that having a blog with thousands of hits in 1 day robbed me of the opportunity to communicate with my on-line friends. 

Part of me was actually grateful to see the hits decrease.  Thousands per day were just overwhelming since I am limited in time.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love comments and responding to them and I even look forward to the comments from the right because it allows me to debate the issues.  Facts beat Fox every time.

Obama won the election and my on-line friends rejoiced.  There was much work to do.  

Our post counts reduced and some thought about leaving.  (I’m glad you’re back Cats though I don’t have the time to comment as much as I’d like)

And then the economic downturn hit me.  I was informed that if I do not seek another position by mid-2009, I would join the ranks of the unemployed.  So I found another job within my department that required many more hours than I had been working.  And since they weren’t going to replace my old position, I get to keep my old work too.  All for the same money because they know I’d prefer this versus no income. 

So I go into the office earlier – work through lunch and stay until evening.  Sometimes I even work after I eat dinner.  And let’s not talk about the weekend.

No question, my family time has reduced but I work hard to make quality use of it. 

As such, I may have to write short bullets about issues and link them together over days as the story changes.

I also miss visiting everyone’s sites.  I miss reading your perspectives – even if I don’t get to comment – I would try to read your work. 

See what I did?  I took the joyous occasion of the 1 year anniversary of this page and I went negative. 

Anyway, it has been a wonderful year and I hope that year 2 will provide as many memories as year 1 has and that I can continue to maintain my on-line friendships as well as get back in the flow.

To those who have visited this site and have left comments thank you.  If you are a regular reader and have a site that you do not see linked here, let me know.  I’d love to post the link.

Thank you for making this a truly rewarding experience.




7 responses to “Happy 1st Anniversary My2Buck$

  1. Glad you stuck it out.. Hope you stick around another 2 or 3 or 10.. lol

    Hopefully things will be better for us all economically soon. I think it will.

    There will always be nuts, left wing nuts, right wing nuts.. there are both, we just have to deal with them.

    Take care, hope to see another post soon.. I miss your writings.

    Congrats on your 1 year!!!!

  2. Congrats, it was our blogs anniversary this month too. You have done a great job here and I’m happy you kept blogging. Hate mail too? must be a political blogger thing lol, I get them too. Though, that e-mail you got it priceless.
    I’m sure year 2 will be great. The GOP keep messing up! lol

    Congratulations 🙂

  3. Super Congratulations! It’s been an interesting year, to say the least. I always enjoy visiting your blog. Good luck on the new position at work.

  4. Annette, Thankfully, it appears that the economy is moving in the right direction. Confidence is definitely higher. I am very concerned about the effects that will be felt by the auto dealers closings. Thanks to Jon Stewart the left-wing nuts are about as funny as the right-wing nuts. Thanks – I miss writing too. 🙂

    Sensico – Congratulations to you as well on your anniversary. It has been a fun year. When the first right-wing loon started debating me on here, I was so excited – I had my first Republican. lol. Then one showed up and wouldn’t leave, getting more outrageous each comment – as the election neared.

    Cats, Thank you. The worst part of the job is the time demands.
    It was great being in the blogosphere as we took our country back.

  5. Congratulations! You’ve had a great year. I’m glad you stuck it out, too, and I hope you keep going. I’m glad I provided a little encouragement, even though I didn’t know I was doing that. 🙂

    It was my blogging anniversary this month, too. I’ve considered packing it in several times, too, or starting over someplace else; my hits have lagged a lot more than yours or Cats’ or Sensico’s. But I like writing about issues, so I’ll keep on going for a while yet. Hopefully more people will read it, but it’s ok if that doesn’t happen.

    Congrats again. It really has been an interesting year. Keep it up … and good luck with your new position.

  6. Deanna,

    Congratulations on your anniversary. When I most thought about quitting I recall telling a friend that I’d give it one more week and then ‘I’m done.’ That was when you started coming by and commenting. I took that as a sign and inspiration to keep going. I enjoy reading your posts and I’m glad you stuck it out too.
    I do miss circulating though the sites and hope I can pick it up again soon.

    I have always enjoyed your perspective on the issues and found you have a unique flair for writing. I am glad that you plan on sticking with your site.

  7. We certainly have developed a “blogging family” over this past year. Congrats to all! My hits have gone down signficantly, too. However, I have connected with two other people that have blogs on blogspot.
    There’s the Leftist Grandpa http://forthegrandkids.blogspot.com/
    Outta the Cornfield

    If you get the chance, stop by their blogs and tell them Cats sent you.

    Hugs and kisses to all.