The Randi Rhodes Show is back on the air

randirhodesThe all-new The Randi Rhodes Show begins today after a 3-month hiatus during which Rhodes has changed syndicators from the now defunct Nova M to Premiere Radio Networks.

Premiere is owned by Clear Channel which makes this a fascinating leap for Rhodes.  Without question, Clear Channel seems to have more conservative leanings and a strong connection to Fox.  They also syndicate conserva-talkers Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. 

But Rhodes has always stated that her relationship with Clear Channel, which owns Palm Beach’s WJNO (Rhodes’s former flagship station), is quite good.

But the reason for my post is that living in South Florida, I suspect that I will not be able to listen to her show. 

As of Monday morning, there is no streaming information on Premiere’s site, nor is there any information on podcasts. is still displaying the announcement message which states ‘more to come’ and no local terrestrial stations seem to be picking up her show. 

Meanwhile second-class conserva-talker WFTL 850 appears content to keep their 3 listeners, their horrible ratings and their Laura Ingraham, Mike Savage and Dennis Miller line-up.  I had an email exchange with the station manager which suggested as much.

Meanwhile, WJNO shifted Hannity into Rhodes’s timeslot from his 6-9 period when she left the air in February and it doesn’t appear that station management has any intention of shifting back.   And don’t get me started on 6-9 pm.

So as of this moment, I will not be able to listen, though I hope Green 960 or one of the other stations that pick her up will offer podcasts until I get a different option.

Either way, I prefer having her on the air even though I cannot listen as opposed to the way it has been over the last 3 months.

My only concern is – what restrictions will Randi have with regards to commenting on Limbaugh and Hannity where they are syndicated by the same company?  Having listened to her for many years, I suspect that she’ll still be able to speak her mind.

Welcome back, Randi.


On my drive home from the office Monday night, I found The Randi Rhodes Show on WJNO from 6-9. 

I also discovered that sister station WBZT 1230 will broadcast her show live at 3pm. 

I have yet to hear anything regarding Podcasts from Premiere or from her newly launched web site.  In the meantime, we can download the Podcasts from Green 960’s website.



7 responses to “The Randi Rhodes Show is back on the air

  1. Not a huge leap for her…..she’s had a contract with Clear Channel up until she left AAR

  2. WBZT will begin airing her show live on June 1st. Podcasts are also available at KTLK. Randi’s site has an affiliate list now available, as does where her die-hard fans have been awaiting her return.

  3. You can download Randi’s new shows on Premiere bia bittorrent …. go to

  4. Thank you for the link. I downloaded the show last night from Green 960.

  5. my2bucks great will make a note of being able to podcast from Green 960, multiple options are good!

  6. I agree especially when things seem to change at a moments notice. I am also keeping an eye on White Rose Society to see if they pick it up.

  7. where and when will Randi be heard!!!