Catching up on the news I missed at sea – week of March 8th

After a well-deserved break from the world, I slowly started looking at the news that I missed. As I read, the more I wished I pretended last week didn’t exist – except on the cruise ship.

Cramer v Stewart

I am still watching some of the grenades lobbed between Jim ‘Mad Money’ Cramer (the financial Kramer) and Jon Stewart. I have to say Cramer exhibited some huge stones (or lack of brains) by going onto the Daily Show.

Stewart – though a comedy program – actually asks some of the toughest questions of his guests. He has beaten the crap out of many a guest and Cramer was no different.

Just when it seemed that Cramer was talking his way out of something, it became clear that it was just another set-up by Stewart. Cramer kept walking into his punches.

If you haven’t watched this battle that started the previous week culminating on last Thursday’s The Daily Show, I highly recommend it. And Cramer is still on the defensive this week and NBC chief Jeff Zucker criticized Stewart for his attacks on CNBC.

Really? The president of a network had to comment on this? Yeah, that will stop the comedian – right Geraldo?


AIG Bonus

Do well performing employees deserve a bonus? Absolutely.

What about in times of financial crisis? What about after the company receives financial assistance from the American taxpayers?

AIG gave millions of dollars in bonuses to their employees. Is it wrong? Technically, no. However, there is a thing about public image.

If they had announced that the bonuses would be deferred or eliminated pending the results of the next financial report, this entire public spectacle would have been avoided.

It takes a long time to repair a negative perception and by deferring or eliminating the bonuses would have gone miles towards that goal.

Now Americans sound like they’re rooting for AIG to fail.

Nice job, guys.


Steele creating a niche?

He’s taken on Rush – King of the Rushpublicans – and apologized like every other Republican that criticizes Rush.

He foolishly and ignorantly proclaimed that the government has never created any jobs – clearly forgetting that the list of government jobs include – postal employees, police, fire and rescue services, educators, our government, the IRS, etc.

Now he’s being attacked for hinting that he is pro-choice. Seemingly, he is working to shift the party’s positions from the far right religious whack-jobs zealots to that of the majority of opinion.

David Frum has come out in support of Steele which indicates that maybe, just maybe, there is some support mounting for Steele.

Armed and Dangerous?

michelle-obama-official-portraitIs Michelle Obama – the First Lady of the United States showing too much arm? The woman is in her 40’s and is dressing the same way most women in their 40’s would dress.

Is this really an issue?

How would we like her to dress – in a burka like in Afghanistan?

What is going on in this country?

Stem-cell research

What should have been a no-brainer for former President Bush rather than the political pandering it was, President Obama has reversed Bush’s ban on embryonic stem-cell research.

Does this mean that we’ll once again work to lead the world in scientific medical research? I certainly hope so.

Does this mean that cloning is inevitable or the feared human-animal hybrids that Bush referenced during his state of the union address will destroy the world as we know it?

Does this mean the Michael Keaton movie, Multiplicity, has a real chance of happening? We’d all better watch out for ‘4’ then –“I like pizza”.


Madoff to jail

This is great news. Bernie Madoff saved us thousands of dollars for a trial by pleading guilty to bilking rich people out of billions.

The guy who predominantly screwed the rich is going to jail meanwhile the people responsible for screwing the working class (middle and lower) continues to get bail out money. How’s that for justice?

I believe Madoff should be going to jail though I doubt he would be if he had screwed the poor. He would have at least gone to trial.

Bristol wedding plans are off?

Please give me a second or two to compose myself.

Bristol Palin – the daughter of Sarah – and Levi Johnston have ended their engagement. It’s tragic and we really should refrain from posting about things like this.

I feel bad for both of these kids. The attention that both had received must have been stressful. Add to that, I suspect that they really didn’t want to marry in the first place and you’re looking at a recipe for disaster.

I recall that Levi was interviewed after the engagement and some of his comments were a bit scripted – to put it nicely. I wondered why we hadn’t heard from his parents.

My only surprise is that the couple didn’t break up in November – just after the election.

That said – I wish both of them the best of luck and much happiness.

* * * * *

It was an interesting week to catch up on and I’m glad to be back home.

I want to conclude this post by saying a couple of words about the passing of Ron Silver. I had been a fan of his acting career for quite a number of years.

I can not recall the first thing I saw him in but I loved his accent and his demeanor.

Early last year, I stumbled on his radio program on Sirius radio on the Independent Political station. I realized that I didn’t agree with him on every issue but I truly enjoyed his show and his insight. He encouraged discussion and really presented a unique political show to my radio.

I was saddened to read about his passing and I pass along my deepest condolences to his family and his friends.




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