Back from a much needed vacation

The batteries are recharged. I’m feeling better already – except for the part about having to go back to work.

A one-week Caribbean cruise will do that to you. Sun – Music – Alcohol.

I did my best to avoid thinking about work. I recently changed positions in my company – remaining in the same department – taking on a ton more responsibility. I had been told that my previous position would likely be eliminated during 2009 if I didn’t make a move. So in staying within the department I was given an entire new list of job objectives that will require anywhere from 40-80 hours per week depending on the project lifecycle. And just for playing, I got to keep much of my old responsibilities – all for that special price of having a job at the same salary. Hurray! Where’s my Rice-a-roni – the San Francisco treat?

For the next 7 months, my job will increase in work and stress until I need another vacation. I hope to post as much as I can but employment comes first.

You may have noticed the reduction in posts over the recent weeks. You can blame the job – or thank the job to my friends who disagree with me. J

Back on the ship . . . Each morning, my cabin received an insert of New York Times articles. I bypassed anything that said Obama. I didn’t want to think of anything politics.

After returning home and unpacking, I checked my portfolio. BIG MISTAKE.

The market did well last week. Very well, in fact. Not my holdings. Some went up meekly while others held steady. And don’t get me started on the 2 that fell. And you called this a rally?

I haven’t caught up on the news yet with the exception of this Jim Cramer versus Jon Stewart extravaganza.

What’s next for My 2 Bucks?

I plan on continuing with my passions – politics and weird news stories. I also expect that I’ll need a stress relief so if need be, I may vent here. Then again, screaming in the car has done well for me so far.

The big news over the next few months is that my eldest child will be leaving for college in June. It has been recommended to me that I write about the experience as others may be sharing the same experiences. I may give that a whirl too.

When I started this site last May, I never intended to be solely a political blog. It just happened to turn into that (with the exception of hurricane season.)

So expect a brief review of my cruise and the ‘I can’t believe I missed this while on vacation’ post – if the news last week warranted that.


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