What’s up with the CNN poll on bipartisanship?

The title of the article was the hook that grabbed me:  Poll:  Most favor bipartisanship; Democrats not so much.  Maybe, that’s what it was intended to do.

“Most poll respondents said they want President Obama to work with both parties”

Of course, we do.  Most people want the government to act in the best interests of the people – all the people.

“Democrats aren’t so enthusiastic about bipartisanship, poll also finds”

Interesting point.  For 8 years, the Republicans refused to act in a bipartisan way, instead opting to run the country as if we were a one-party system.  Anyone who opposed was considered ‘Un-American’ or emboldening the enemy.

After President Obama worked with Republicans and Democrats to reach a bipartisan agreement on the stimulus plan, the Republicans came out hard against the bill (only 3 Republicans in both parties voted for the bill).  They have been relentless on television against the stimulus plan.  Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and the other right-wing partisan hacks pundits have been harshly criticizing the plan, the president, and the Democrats. 

Now CNN acts surprised that more Democrats are tired of the political game and want to extend the same ‘courtesy’ to Republicans that were extended to them over the past 8 years?  Are you kidding me?

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A new national poll indicates that a majority of Americans want President Obama to try and pass laws with bipartisan support rather than just with the backing of Democrats in Congress.

A new poll out Friday shows a majority of Americans want President Obama to continue bipartisanship.

At least it is known that President Obama has been reaching out to Republicans.  In fact, he ran his campaign saying that we weren’t ‘Red States’ or ‘Blue States’.  We were the United States.  Judging by the initial cabinet selections, it does appear that the president has every intention of at least starting out his administration in bipartisan fashion.

Here are the numbers of people polled that would prefer to see the ‘president try to pass laws with bipartisan compromise’:

55% of all respondents

40% of Democrats

Not surprisingly, 58% of the Democrats polled indicated that they would rather see President Obama pass laws without any Republican support.

CNN polling director Keating Holland wins the trophy for ‘Most Obvious Statement’:

“Bipartisanship is always more popular with the party out of power than with the party that is in control.”

When Republicans were in power, I didn’t hear one person say that they should reach across the aisle to work with the Democrats. But they’re singing a different tune now.

That is the sad fact of our 2-party system.  The party in power makes the rules and both parties (for the most-part) place party before country.

Favorable on the decline

Both parties dropped 2 points from December in response to the question – Do you have a favorable opinion of:

                Democratic Party – 58%

                Republican Party – 39%

Strong numbers for President Obama

After 1 month in office, 2 out of 3 polled “approve of the way Obama is handling his job as president.  And more than 7 in 10 think that he is a strong leader who inspired confidence and is tough enough for the job.”

Let’s see what the POTUS has to say tonight.



3 responses to “What’s up with the CNN poll on bipartisanship?

  1. Looks like you got hit with Team Sarah on your last post…lol Geeze they can be terrible.

    I am not sure where CNN gets their poll results.. they are never very close to anyone else. I have no problem reaching out to the right.. I think he should. If for no other reason than for them to keep on pushing back and slapping his hand away like they have, so they can continue looking as ignorant as they have.

    According to the other polls I have seen, the President is still riding high in the polls and the republicans are low.. which should tell you everything we all need to know. However they keep saying it tells them nothing. I saw several of them on MSNBC this morning and when they were asked about it they kept saying it was because the President was so high they just looked bad next to him… well DUH…lol

  2. It is hilarious and scary how much they love their Sarah.

    I love the right’s reactions to things. I missed the response this morning but what I find very funny is that they don’t realize just how bad their numbers were under Bush and they’re still awful now. Bush’s numbers were pathetic and Obama’s are so high.

    Instead of fighting him every step of the way, wouldn’t they be better off if they supported him during these tough times? They’d come off looking partisan and really ‘country first’. And their numbers have nowhere to go but up. 🙂

  3. It is funny… they just keep shooting themselves in the foot. I have to laugh. I read the Washington Post online and in the OpEd section Monday they had Charley Crist’s statement and Jindal’s statement about the Recovery Plan.. Crist’s was so well thought out and balanced and really reflective. Jindal’s was nothing but a bunch of lies..

    St. Pete’s Politifact.com called him on it and ruled it a lie.. lol It was funny… Of course haven’t heard anything from him about it either. Sanford was the same thing. Barbour too.

    So the ones who stood up and said they weren’t taking the money are all being called liars and are lying about the reasons and Crist, Arnold, Daniels and Huntsman are all taking them money and are telling the truth.. All Republicans and all working with Pres. Obama.. what does that tell you….lol