A Wedding and a Bean Burrito

The wedding took place in Normal, Illinois but there is nothing normal about this wedding.  taco-bell-wedding-3

Paul Brooks of Normal met Caragh Brooks of Australia on an internet dating website.  Both shared the same surname. 

“We have the same brain, just in two bodies,” Paul Brooks said.  We think alike in virtually every manner.  We have the same interests, viewpoints.”

Their love brought her to the United States.  They liked to hang out at Taco Bell.  It seemed like the perfect place for a wedding. 

So they bared no expense and gave themselves the finest wedding a 7-layer burrito could provide. 

taco-bell-wedding-4Caragh Brooks wore a $15 hot pink dress.  Their friend, Ryan Green administered the vows duded out in a t-shirt and was ordained online. 

Instead of flowers, the Taco Bell was decorated with streamers and balloon and hot sauce packets labeled with the words “Will you marry me?”

Romance at its finest.

Customers continued to order food while the wedding took place. 

“I would never have expected in my life in working here there would be a wedding,” restaurant manager Carl Hamlow said.

Green:  I now pronounce you husband and wife.  You may eat your taco and burrito.






3 responses to “A Wedding and a Bean Burrito

  1. you use “met” twice in your first sentence.

    but then, I’m not that picky.

    but in a burrito barn??

    not sure I’d want to be all gassy my first night with the new squeeze.

    but that’s just me!

  2. Technically, it was the second sentence but I’m not that picky either. 🙂
    Thanks for pointing out the typo.

    Maybe the gassiness was part of the charm and attraction.