Joe the Plumber heading to Israel

I think peace is now at hand.  Joe the Plumber is going to Israel. 

Thousands of years of fighting in a war that seemingly has no end.  Both sides say they’re right and outsiders have strong opinions one way or the other.

I have my opinions but have made a point to keep them clear from my blog.  As heated as the Republican – Democratic debates get this is nothing compared to religious differences that date back to the beginning of religion. 

The Christian right and Republicans blindly say that they support Israel and their right to defend themselves without fully understanding the conflict or why they support Israel.

The Democratic fringe argues that the Palestinians are right because Israel’s might dominates a people who solely want their freedom and they always side with the underdog of the moment.

Those in the middle fall on either side and stand behind their positions.

In college – more than 20 years ago – I took a fantastic course called The Israel – Palestinian conflict.  In it we studied both perspectives in historic and modern times.  And I still keep quiet on my position.

But Joe the Plumber who proudly proclaimed that a vote for Barack Obama was a vote for the death to Israel, is now off to the Holy Land in an attempt cover the war.

He’s a fake plumber without a license who claimed to be purchasing a business with money he didn’t have.  He became the central figure in the John McCain – Sarah Palin presidential campaign which should tell you all you need to about the McCain – Palin ticket. 

Samuel ‘Joe the Plumber’ Wurzelbacher is planning on spending 10 days in Israel covering the fighting.

The below Average Joe the Plumber is going to (attempt to) communicate Israel’s ‘Average Joe’ opinion. 

This next part plumber cracks me up:  He is going to be a war correspondent for the conservative web site  (Pajamas TV)  

Joe the War Correspondent.


4 responses to “Joe the Plumber heading to Israel

  1. This is the worst case of publicity for publicity sake I have ever seen. Joe isn’t even qualified, the TV station just gave an important job to someone whos unqualified instead of picking someone who actually wants to have a career in reporting. Just think if you were passed over for a job just cause Britney Spears wanted the job…you would be pissed. heck, I would be pissed for you, now I’m just pissed 😆

  2. I did a little research into pjtv. One of the players on the web tv station – Michelle Malkin. That said, JTP will fit right in. lol.

  3. Joe is one of those “famous for being famous” people and is trying to cash in before his 15 minutes are over. He’s one of many I wish would simply go away: Joe the Plumber, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus … need I go on?

  4. I am dumbfounded that people take the words of JTP seriously as if he is a subject matter expert.

    Though I have never been a fan of Hilton, I did enjoy her mocking of John McCain during the whole Obama is a ‘celebrity’ garbage.