Senator Comedian


Al Franken

Comedian Al Franken looks like he will officially become Senator Al Franken as the Minnesota State Canvassing Board certified his victory.

Norm Coleman had led after the initial counting of the votes but the results were tight enough to automatically spur a recount. Coleman used the courts to attempt to limit the number of absentee and discarded ballots from the recount losing every step of the way.

Franken won the recount by 225 votes. Since the courts rejected Coleman’s attempt to limit the ballots counted, Coleman returned to court in an attempt to get an additional 650 rejected votes counted. If you can’t get the votes thrown out, try to get it tied up in court.

The Minnesota Supreme Court rejected Coleman’s request paving the way for a Franken victory. Now Coleman is attempting to move this to the federal court system by challenging the results.

With the country in a recession, 2 wars and many problems to overcome, you have to admire Coleman’s ‘I must win at all costs’ mentality.

Hey Norm! It’s time to pack it in.



One response to “Senator Comedian

  1. Coleman speaks with forked tongue. When he was in the lead, he said that Franken should concede. Now that he is losing, he is whining. Just another typical whiny Republican.