89-year old woman keeps ball – sues family

When I was growing up, I lived in an apartment complex in New York. There were ‘Keep off the Grass’ signs posted around the property.

Regardless, my friends and I continued to play on the grass. The complex, it seems, was patrolled by older residents intent on preventing children from being children.

We constantly heard “you kids, keep off the grass.”

One time, I asked someone, “Where do you want us to play, the street?”

That is why I always loved the ‘you kids, keep off my lawn’ jokes in movies and in television. So when I saw this story, I had to post about it.

89-year-old arrested for keeping ball sues family


Sat Jan 3, 10:25 am ET

BLUE ASH, Ohio – An 89-year-old Cincinnati-area woman arrested for confiscating the neighbor kid’s football is now suing the boy’s parents.

Edna Jester filed a lawsuit in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court claiming she has suffered emotional distress because footballs and other playthings belonging to her next-door neighbors keep landing in her yard.

In October, Jester refused to return a football, was taken to the Blue Ash police station and charged with petty theft. The prosecutor later dropped the case.

The lawsuit against parents Paul and Kelly Tanis seeks unspecified monetary damages.

Kelly Tanis calls the suit “very silly” but says she and her husband also worry because they have five children and can’t afford a lawyer.

I can somewhat understand the position of the 89-year old. She probably was frustrated with the kids throwing their balls in her yard – probably initially unintentional but after her constant complaining – ‘keep your ball out of my yard you hooligans’ – the balls probably found their way into her yard more frequently. As kids, that’s what we did.

Kids are kids and Mrs. Jester should have understood that. It wasn’t like they were harming her, her property or her flower beds (it would have stated that in the article, I suspect.)

Today, I find myself getting agitated at the kids who walk, stand and skateboard in the middle of the streets of my neighborhood as cars have to drive around THEM like a damn obstacle course. Growing up we moved out of the way of the cars and now I have to drive around them.

And now I have these skateboarders who have set up a ramp in their parents’ driveway. They start boarding through their garage and up and over the ramp into the street. There’s nothing like driving down the street only to find a teenager on a skateboard landing just feet in front of your moving vehicle.

Driving through my neighborhood is quite fun. You’ll find these children as I’ve mentioned above, ducks that mozie across the street, fearless birds that stand in the street almost daring you to hit them and kamikaze squirrels that enjoy haphazardly darting in front of moving cars especially during mating season – which appears to be going on right now.

As a parent of 2 teenagers, I have raised both to respect cars. The first received her license on her 17th birthday and the second is now in the early stages of learning – and I realize I need a whole new level of patience to get through this phase of life.

I have gone down a major tangent but isn’t that why we blog?

Seriously, though, this has frivolous lawsuit written all over it. Mrs. Jester (ironic surname) has claimed ‘emotional distress’ in this joke of a suit.

I’d also like to know what ‘playthings’ found its way into her yard. The content of items will determine if this was done accidentally or if the children were either harassing Mrs. Jester or throwing their siblings toys into the neighbors’ yard.

I hope the media provides an update on this case. I’ll be on the lookout for it.

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3 responses to “89-year old woman keeps ball – sues family

  1. Growing up, there was an old woman that lived at the very end of the street who was mean and nasty and she would yell at the kids for making too much noise, in the middle of the day so we would just make more noise because she was nasty. There also was an old woman that was sweet as could be and if we were too noisy, she would come out of her house and ask us nicely if we could be less noisy. Because she was nice and asked us nicely, we would play somewhere else so as not to disturb her.

    I have a problem at my business where people leave their trash in th foyer, the same foyer that my customers use to enter my business. I posted a sign asking them to respect other people that share the foyer by taking their trash with them when they leave. So far, the foyer has been clean. It’s all in how you approach the problem.

  2. Great point. The approach is the key. I once read a management book that dealt solely with the different ways to approach the same problem and the varying results.

  3. As Ednas granddaughter you do not know her until you meet her and really get to know her!!!!She was always that way,keep your ball out of my yard and even when we were kids we were not aloud to have anything that could go in her neighbers yards when we went to grandma!!! Now she has gotten so bad that she really has become a bitch in her old age and I can not stand to go over there and all she does is complain,complain and complain about anything and everything but yet she does let her own grandkids walk all over her and then has the nerve to complain to me about it.I am so sick of it that I do wish she would sit in jail for alittle while.