CNN speculating on Blago and Jesse

CNN claims they are a news organization.

Rick Sanchez claims to be a journalist – though I know better.  He was from channel 7 in Miami and famously squatted over the Iraq map during the first Gulf War.

Sanchez informs us that CNN had done a tremendous amount of research on the Rod Blagojevich story.  So rather than report the facts as responsible news organizations should do . . .   (I know, I know:  Facts and responsible news is an oxymoron just like jumbo shrimp.)

CNN still jumps to a conclusion linking Blagojevich to Jesse Jackson Jr.  Could it be correct?  Absolutely.  But could they be irrevocably damaging Jackson’s career?  Most definitely.

Rod Blagojevich’s career is over and rightly so.  But there isn’t enough information to responsibly report on Jackson or anyone else.  ‘Our sources tell us that ‘candidate 5’ is Jesse Jackson Jr and Blago said that ‘candidate 5’ is willing to ‘pay-to-play’.’ 

But everything we have heard about this case is pure speculation.  I have yet to hear anything that could really put Blago behind bars.  His comments are stupid and incriminating but not illegal. 

And suggesting that ‘candidate 5’ would be willing to break the law doesn’t mean that ‘candidate 5’ would actually break the law or even that he, himself (candidate 5), suggested that he would, in fact, break the law.  It could just be a gut feeling that Blago had.  It’s meaningless and certainly not illegal.

So the media (in this case Rick Sanchez) is providing a disservice to their viewers.  And it certainly isn’t just Sanchez. 

Then again, the Blago tapes didn’t stop these pundits at the news stations from falling over themselves trying to link Blago and Obama even though Blago said on the tapes that Obama would not give him anything but his appreciation. 


One response to “CNN speculating on Blago and Jesse

  1. Gosh, he forgot to mention that JJ, Jr, met with Blago Monday for 90 minutes. What’s the matter with all his investigating?? Did he forget that factoid while he was spinning that web of deceit? LOL
    The entire news media, if they can be called that, are all foaming at the mouth trying to figure out who all the players are in this. It’s just driving them crazy because Fitzgerald and the government (judicial system) knows something they don’t and isn’t releasing it yet because they haven’t gotten it all together in an indictment yet.
    So, they spin, they weave, they try every way they can to figure out who the players are, to get it all together and make the pieces fit the way they want them to.
    I even read somewhere that JJ,Jr. was a close advisor to PEBO, and that was a real shocker to me, because it was my understanding they weren’t that close. They were friends but not close friends. But this had them as best buds or something….lol