Obama’s Health Policy Team hits ground running

President-elect Barack Obama’s Health Policy Team is led by former Senator Tom Daschle.  Recently, they asked Americans to weigh in with their ideas on health care. 

Impressively, the team (Daschle and Lauren Aronson) have already reported back to us – the people. 

We heard back on a few of the ideas and I have to say they sound quite promising. 

One of the suggestions was starting a Health Corps – sort of like a Peace Corps.  I think if we tie this into the free college program that Obama had campaigned on – it could become a tremendous program.

Obama’s college plan stated that Americans would have to volunteer a certain number of community service hours after graduation in order to ‘give back’ for their college education.

A Health Corps staffed with volunteer graduates could provide a means to keep Americans healthier thus reducing health care costs. 

I have to say – I like the idea.  Health care is an issue that is close to me and I plan on following this closely. 

For more information on the Obama team’s Heath Care agenda, visit Change.gov – Health Care Agenda.


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