President-elect Obama – the speech that introduced him to America

In July, 2004 Illinois State Senator Barack Obama gave the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention and left everyone talking.

I watched this live as many of us had.  I recall saying to my wife that he will run for president, either in 20012 if Kerry wins or 2008 if he loses.

My next day at the office, people asked me if I saw the Obama speech at the convention.  It was then I was certain of his fate.


5 responses to “President-elect Obama – the speech that introduced him to America

  1. Sweet! I was just thinking about this speech today and decided to stop by and viola! Here’s the speech, the speech that made people stop, turn around and listen. The speech that brought Americans together.

    BTW – I will be putting life back into PA for Change. Here’s my latest. Feel free to copy and share the parody and give the author credit.

  2. If I don’t make it back here before Thursday, have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Cats,
    That is great news. I have missed your site since the election.

    and Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  4. Wasn’t that a great speech. I remember it well. Never imagined he’d be President 4 years later! But I think it was clear that he was a bright star with a big future. And we’re lucky he became our future sooner than later!!!

  5. I think what impressed me most was how much better he was as a speaker than Kerry.