Palin pardons turkey – others not so lucky

Sarah Palin is back in Alaska – and I have to say I’m very thankful for that.

The woman who hunts caribou took the time to pardon a turkey saving him from a fate that awaits many others. 

After the pardon, Palin gave an interview with an unusual backdrop – a worker slaughtering . . . turkey’s. 

A few items I noticed while watching this.

               During the pardon she stated the following:  “… friend to all creatures great and small.”

I pictured her hovering over the dead caribou or sitting in her governor’s office by a polar bear skin rug.

She referred to the campaign as ‘brutal.’  Just thought it was an interesting choice of words considering what was going on behind her.

The employee continually checked out the interview while he slaughtered turkey’s acting casual as if he was sitting at a desk in a normal office.

This video is somewhat gruesome.   Animal lovers and those with weak stomachs may wish to either skip this video or look away.  This version is the one that aired on MSNBC and they did a good job of editing out the gory sections.

According to David Shuster at MSNBC, Palin was aware of the ‘activity’ taking place behind her during the interview. 


6 responses to “Palin pardons turkey – others not so lucky

  1. Congratulations to Governor Sarah Palin on her historic bid to become the nation’s first woman Vice President. May God bless her and her family too.

  2. Watching this made me feel ill. Not only did the turkey slaughter bother my stomach, the fact that someone like Palin who can’t speak in complete, sensible sentences was on the GOP VP ticket and 46% of Americans were stupid enough to vote for her, almost made my breakfast return.

  3. That is why I put the MSNBC version on my site. I couldn’t watch those turkey’s being slaughtered. The fact that she had ‘no worries’ about this being the backdrop for the interview tells me all I need to know about her.

    I really have no idea how anyone can vote for her. The intolerant seem to like to vote for the intolerant candidate who says they are religious instead of the religious candidate who also is tolerant. It’s pretty pathetic.

  4. Palin wasn’t bothered because she hates all animals. She ordered the deaths of a wolf pack last June and had her state biologists, against Alaskan law, drag 15 wolf pups who were only a month old out of their den. Each tiny pup was shot in the head! Palin is cruel beyond belief. Watch a video of aerial hunting if you think the turkey video is bad. I am so GLAD McCain lost. I don’t even want to imagine what Palin would have done to our wildlife if she had gotten in a position where she has a lot of power. She would set our wildlife and our domestic animals back over 100 years! I am a Republican, but I find her, her cruelty, and her utter stupidity about the world outside of Alaska utterly despicable!

  5. Lin,
    You are right about her lack of regard for wildlife. I did a couple of posts in September about her – one of aerial hunting and the other with her and the kids posing with dead animals.

    the media is acting like she was unaware of what was taking place behind her. She knew full well.

  6. I refuse to believe that she, or anyone could not be fully aware of the backdrop. What I cannot grasp is what exact message was being conveyed by it. Some sort of “I can pardon/do what like but pragmatic reality goes on?” Or more likely a “I am so down to earth/folksy that this is just another day in rural real america paradise”.
    I want to beleive that she just likes the smell of blood and sounds of pain, because I truly think her to be a sociopath of epic proportions.

    One thing about this though, is that everyone seems so shocked and appalled that turkeys are killed in a fashion that embraces quantity of their death rather than quality of their death. Are all the folks that are appalled at Palin also under the impression that the animals they eat are sung to sleep and gently put under?
    On another site, I read a comment that the reader “could not finish their turky bacon sandwich”. Amazing statement, that.

    Saying that you could not watch those turkeys being slaughtered makes me wonder if you are a vegetarian. were you planning on eating some turky this year? still thinking about it? If you are a vegy, then that lends validity to your feelings. If not, and you cannot see birds at a slaughter station(which, hate to tell you, looked pretty humane next to most killing floors)without getting twitchy, then give being a vegatarian some thought.

    I still think that her using that backdrop was tasteless and uncalled for. But to get the reactions it has is an eye opener to just how separated most people are from thier dietary realitys.