Begich declared winner over Stevens in Alaska

Ted Stevens turned 85 and has been convicted of 7 felony counts.  He’s spent 100 years in the U.S. Senate.  (not quite, but it does feel that way)

Somehow Alaska is almost finished counting ballots and the race is nearly out of hand.    (it only took 2 weeks)

The margin looks like it is too great so if a recount is requested by Stevens, he would have to pay for it himself.  (or maybe VECO will pay.)


Will Stevens concede the election?

Will he congratulate Mark Begich?

Will he relinquish his Senate office?

Will he go quietly off to jail (if Bush doesn’t pardon him)?


Congratulations Mark Begich.  Welcome to Washington.


One response to “Begich declared winner over Stevens in Alaska

  1. This is such great news.