Political thoughts for the Day

Why would anyone think that John McCain would have any interest in working with Obama?  Speculation in the media is that he is once again becoming the maverick that lost his way during the general election cycle.  Really?  The man is endorsing Saxby Chambliss.  McCain said the ad run by Chambliss attacking Senator Max Cleland in 2002 – it’s worse than disgraceful – it’s reprehensible.”

The U.S. Senate Democrats have had no ‘stones’ whatsoever for 8 years.  They can verbally chastise Joe Lieberman all they want but the vote that will take place today is a closed ballot vote.  In other words, they can be tough in public and weak at the time of vote just like the last 8 years.  I suspect that Lieberman will receive nothing more than the verbal attacks he has already faced.  He will be permitted to keep his Democratic leadership with one caveat:  stay loyal to the party.  The problem here is that Joe only knows ‘whatever’s best for Joe.’ 

How is it possible that Alaska still has 24,000 uncounted ballots from the election 2 weeks ago?  Seriously, is one person counting the ballots?  I wonder if it is the same guy that examined the hanging chads in Florida in 2000.  I know all eyes are on the Begich – Stevens race, which Begich is building up a nice lead, but I am trying to figure out how Don Young is leading Ethan Berkowitz when Young trailed big on the final day of polls and Young is currently under FBI investigation. 

I thought I recently heard that Sarah Palin could not capitalize financially while holding elected office in Alaska.  I recall hearing that when it was rumored that she could land a talk show after the election.  I have yet to find anything in Alaskan law that stipulated that.  But if it is true, how is it she can sign this huge book deal?  I guess it is with a ‘wink’ and a nod.  Hmmmm. 


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