Obama’s Win – It’s a New Day

Hope. Optimism. Relief.

This is what the Obama win means to me. When it became clear in 2004 that John Kerry lost the race to W, I had to fight hard not to fall into a depression.

As low as I felt then, I feel even higher today. And to know that I am not alone in this euphoria makes the feeling even better.

It’s a new day and I feel great about our future. Can January 20th come any sooner?

This is an awesome song by Will.I.Am – It’s a New Day


8 responses to “Obama’s Win – It’s a New Day

  1. Unless we can wake up the Republican party. We will need to look to the Midterm elections. If Obama and his group of thugs are stopped from tanking this Great Nation then we will have a shot at turning the congress to a Republican controlled house. That will be enough to stop the bleeding of the Great Land until Sara Palinsrun at the White House in 2012.That will mean staying on top of our congress and senate. That will mean a fight to stop all bills by the Obama gang. It is to be our voice that is the force that drives the Great Nation not the will of Washington but the Voice of the People. As to Obamas illegal win and dont be fooled it is an illegal counting of the electoralvotes . Read the Constitution as to how the votes are to be collected and counted. They were not done so and the results are unconstitutional and at that point void. Seeing the oath is to uphold that very document and what it represents. There is no grey matter here .By not following the LAW as to the collecting and counting of the Electoral Votes they violated the Constitution and influencedthe out come. We need to push for that LAW to be upheld before Jan 20th. If he takes the oath at that point he is committingtreason as he will be swearing to uphold the very document he has knowingly broken. The Constitution is not just a group of rules and law IT IS THE BASE OF THIS NATION AND THE MEANING OF AMERICA. It is above all party’sand is not open to be bent to suit ones greed.

  2. skokc6125 aka Rush Limbaugh,

    Man you are living in some type of bizarro world. Everything you said here is the opposite of reality. Thanks for commenting Rush, but you really don’t understand anything.

    “Obama and his thugs” – Where have you been the last 8 years? The Republicans have acted as a one-party system bullying through laws through intimidation and fear.

    “Sara [sic] Palinsrun [sic] … in 2012” – Name the last losing VP candidate who won the next presidential election. Most of America is sick of Palin. Your best bet is Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty or Charlie Crist.

    “… stop all bills by the Obama gang.” – The bills Congress will pass and Obama will sign are to repair 8 years worth of damage caused by Bush and the Republicans.

    ‘… not the will of Washington but the Voice of the People.” – The voice of the people was heard on November 4th.

    “Obamas illegal win” – What illegal win? Do you mean Bush’s illegal win in 2000 when Republicans made sure that ballots were not counted, the Florida Secretary of State was the same person who was the co-chair of the Bush campaign or the Supreme Courts intervening where they didn’t belong? What about in 2004 when so many people were disenfranchised in Ohio which again gave Bush the victory?
    What are you talking about with this election?

    “don’t be fooled it is an illegal counting of the electoralvotes [sic].” – elaborate, please.

    “Read the Constitution” – I think you need to read the Constitution – or what is left of it after Bush and the Republicans destroyed it. I’ve read the Constitution multiple times – I keep it by my bed with my Bible, thank you very much.

    “commitingtreason [sic] as he will be swearing to uphold the very document he has knowingly broken” – How has Obama committed treason? I’m not going too deep with the Bush activities – Abu Ghraib and torture. Read the latest issue of Time Magazine. Don Siegelman’s case should bring down Karl Rove and his illegal activities.

    The Constitution “is above all party’sand [sic] is not open to be bent to suit ones greed.” – Like the corporate greed, lobbyists greed, Republican greed of the last 8 years? How is Ted Stevens looking now? Keep an eye on Don Young also.

    Rush, before you come here spewing BS, get your facts together. Sounds like you’ve missed your OxyContin.

  3. Your long comments intimidate me, I feel like I should have a long comment also.
    Video is nice, but its not available for viewing anymore, the creator disabled it from being embedded.

  4. Sensico,
    I don’t like long comments especially when they’re longer than the post. I couldn’t let the comment go. 🙂
    Thanks for letting me know about the video. The only way to see it here is to double click on the video here and you can see it on youtube. I happen to love this song.

  5. Limbaugh is right. That guy is wacko. If he really wants to rail about stolen elections, then rail about 2000 and 2004.

    Meanwhile, I can’t wait for Obama to take office. The sooner the better.

  6. 2 more months and it really can’t come fast enough.

    Before then, we need to do what we can to get Saxby Chambliss out of there. He is one of the most vile people in DC.

  7. As usual…wonderful post! Like so many others, we too, are eager for Jan.20.

    Have you read what Dick Cavett had to say regarding Sarah Palin. I laughed so hard, I thought I’d crack a rib. Of course, as any blogger…I had to do a post on it 🙂


  8. Thanks Michelle. I did read Cavett’s op-ed. Hilarious.