Let’s say Buh-Bye to Traitor Joe

I lost all respect for Joe Lieberman after he began whining about his loss in 2006 to Ned Lamont.  My opinion has been consistently falling ever since.

I did vote for Lieberman as part of the Al Gore ticket in 2000 but now wonder why we liked him in the first place.  Who can forget his appearance on the Senate floor in 1998 where he admonished the ‘activities’ of President Clinton?  Interestingly, that may have been what got him onto the ticket with Gore in the first place.

His behavior during this presidential campaign was despicable.  Especially when you realize that President-elect Obama went to stump for Lieberman during his 2006 Senate bid against Lamont. 

So what did Lieberman think of Obama in 2006?

Yet, Obama is letting bygones be bygones or keeping his enemies closer or reaching across the aisle when he went to Harry Reid and asked him not to remove Lieberman from his Democratic leadership position.

From Talking Points Memo: 


Brave New Films has started a new site:  Lieberman Must Go  



Here is the original Lieberman Must Go video from Brave New Films

The Senate Democrats will be voting on whether Lieberman can keep his chairmanship.  Go to Lieberman Must Go and make the call.  Let them know how America feels.

Visit the original Traitor Joe website.



One response to “Let’s say Buh-Bye to Traitor Joe

  1. how dare you tell the truth about Me, the Great Joe Lieberman, king of the traitors?