A Presidential Press Conference

It is so nice to watch a presidential press conference with someone who is intelligent and respectful.  Barack Obama, in his first press conference since becoming president-elect, gave a glimpse of what it will be like to have a presidential commander-in-chief.

Can January 20th come any faster?

Notice the pride on the faces of Vice President-elect Joe Biden and Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

Happy days are here again.


2 responses to “A Presidential Press Conference

  1. Like Letterman said, he speaks for all Americans when he says he doesn’t mind if Obama starts early. (Like now).

    It’s a good sign to all of us he’s doing a press conference so quickly. We need to know he’s working on it (because Bush sure ain’t). And it’s important to continually communicate to the American people. Bush rarely held press conferences and hated them. Expect Obama to be a much better communicator to the American people.

    And no matter if someone voted for him or not, we need to get behind him and give him a chance. Give Obama our support. The problems we face are monumental. We all need to get behind him right now. Enough with politics and the partisanship. Even if McCain had won I would have at least given him a chance. The Republicans are already on it with the attack and their divisive talk.

  2. The right is already criticizing the idea that Obama will hold more press conferences.
    Sean Hannity has a countdown to Election Day 2012.

    I hope Obama goes after the FCC and pushes for better regulation. I hope he forces Fox News to either have to change their name to Fox Opinion or really present news.
    I don’t mind some commentary in my news but they really need to sprinkle some news in their programs.