Obama Wins!


President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden.

Need I say more?


6 responses to “Obama Wins!

  1. definitely a landslide. On my electoral map predictions, I didn’t dare think Indiana or Ohio would end up in Obama column. Landslide Indeed!!!

  2. To comment first on your post: thank GOD!!!

    And second, on your comment on my blog – exactly! I remember when Palin was announced and I immediately read somewhere she was under investigation. After posting that, I was trying to understand if I was going nuts or not, just as you were. We were all stunned and trying to understand who she was. So the media and the bloggers had to dig for the truth. And we did. And people like Mudflats in Alaska, who were posting firsthand what the media wasn’t reporting revealed truths.

    Every one of us made a difference. This is our victory in so many ways.

  3. And just to acknowledge again, your posting the letter on Palin from the woman in Alaska, made a HUGE difference. We did have to vet this person, in spite of McCain.

  4. Bruce,
    I recall that day vividly. I had heard of Palin because I was researching all of the candidates, but I didn’t know anything about her. My first reaction was WTF.

    You came to my site and asked if I knew anything about her. It dawned on me then that many of us felt that way. That week seemed like a month.

    And we barely scratched the surface.

  5. Guess this means that Obama has a mandate 🙂

    This is so wonderful. I’m still recovering from the emotional hangover. We all worked hard to take back our democracy. We must put the same energy into the work that Obama will be asking from us after he takes the oath of office. I’m looking forward to his inauguration speech.

  6. I can’t wait until the inauguration speech. Not only does it mean it is the return to ‘We the People’ but it means buh bye to Bush.