Nudists can’t vote – in the nude

From the ‘I swear I’m not making this up’ file. I think I’ll be making this a feature now that the election is almost over.

There will be no special polling place for the residents at Caliente Resort tomorrow. It is doubtful that even by 2010 one would be approved.

What makes this request unusual and even quite amusing is that Caliente Resort is a clothing optional community and the residents wanted Pasco County, which is located north of Tampa, Florida, to approve a request allowing the nudists to have the ability of voting in a clothing-optional polling place.

Read the full story at the St. Petersburg Times.

It gives a whole new meaning to the term polling place.

Pasco County’s supervisor of elections, Brian Corley thinks Caliente is “just doing some marketing hype.” A nude publicity stunt? How clever?

My favorite line in the article:

Plus there are more practical considerations. Nothing in state law prohibits a nudist polling place, but how would the clerks and deputies wear their badges?

I can picture going to the nudist polling place trying hard to keep my eyes on my own ballot.

Wouldn’t you love to see the candidates come down to give a stump speech?

Currently, the Caliente Resort residents have to travel 2 miles to the clubhouse of another community to vote. In other words, they must keep it in their clothes.

County Commissioner Pat Mulieri, whose central Pasco district includes the resort, doubted the need for a new precinct. Creating a new one would cost money, so there would need to be a good reason to do it, she said.

“They can do absentees,” she said. “They can do early voting — I mean, they do leave the place.”

Mulieri had the right idea. It’s not like they go everywhere in the nude. Nudists do wear clothes.

As supportive as I am of nudist rights, I do have my limits. I don’t want them walking around the grocery store in the nude, or dining in a restaurant with me.

I do enjoy a good game of nude volleyball every now and then, but the thought of nude bowling makes me ill.

And I’m sure they won’t get too many takers on the Nudists for Obama buttons.

I have to give a h/t to Barbara Hijek who posted this in the Sun-Sentinel weirdflorida blog

Bet you were looking for pictures. Here is the link to Caliente Resorts.


6 responses to “Nudists can’t vote – in the nude

  1. Too bad Palin didn’t give a rally there.

  2. Funny!

  3. Could you imagine if people were voting in the nude….voter turnout would be 100% and I will then be able to say democracy has prevailed

  4. Bruce,
    I’m not so sure that I want to see Palin at a nudists rally. Though the Secret Service’s job will be much easier.

    Turnout would be great and people would happily hang out at the polls all day – pardon the pun.

  5. Nudists – now that is complete freedom.