McCain doesn’t agree with the polls

I agree that not all polls are accurate nor are some meaningful but John McCain’s defensive nature again Tom Brokaw on Meet the Press was quite humorous.  I was waiting for him to put his fingers in his ears and say “la la la.  I can’t hear you.  La la la.”

I totally ignore most of the polls that Brokaw mentioned.  National polls tell me nothing since the president is selected by Electoral votes.  I wish Brokaw would have asked McCain why he is struggling in traditionally strong Republican states, like Virginia, North Carolina, North Dakota, Montana and Indiana.  Even Georgia and now McCain’s home state is seeing the gap close. 

McCain also seemed to have a ‘senior moment’ trying to remember the fifth Secretary of State who endorsed him.  When I have a senior moment, it is funny.  When a man running to be President of the United States has one, it is extremely unnerving.


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