The West Wing – Obama style

I was a huge fan of Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing.  I started linking the Jed Bartlett TV presidency with a possible Barack Obama real presidency after Maureen Dowd’s September 20th column in which she printed a conversation written by Sorkin between Bartlett and Obama.  It was written before Obama declared ‘ENOUGH!’ 

If you are a fan of The West Wing, this is a truly enjoyable read.  Aaron Sorkin Conjures a Meeting of Obama and Bartlet

During my surfing on the internet for Obama / The West Wing references, I stumbled upon some good videos.  Each of these 4 are quite brief – 2 being under a minute.

The West Wing introduction theme with Barack Obama’s cast

Toby talking to Donna and Josh about how the campaign should be run.  It is relevant to how Obama tried to run his campaign.

Bradley Whitford asking people to vote Obama in Wisconsin.

In an interview for Mathew 25 – a Catholic channel, Martin Sheen was interviewed.  Here, he spoke briefly on Barack Obama.  To me, this is a powerful clip.


6 responses to “The West Wing – Obama style

  1. I must agree with Martin Sheen. During the late 60’s, there was a sense of hope in the younger generation. With the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr and Robert Kennedy, that hope was taken away. Barack Obama was restored that lost sense of hope. It feels wonderful to feel hopeful again.

  2. I agree. After 8 years of Bush and almost 30 years since the Republican Revolution, we now see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Never bet against hope.

  3. Excellent links, girldujour.

    I love that video from the West Wing.

  4. Thanks. Before I discovered blogging, I was just irritated and ranting to my husband and friends. Now I have a way to get this information out to anyone that wants to know. And I do make sure that I am providing reliable information from trusted sources.

  5. I know what you mean. I wrote emails within a small email circle, I developed high blood pressure and saw us going over a cliff. Thanks to a friend of mine who blogs, I decided to give it a whirl.

    I, too, try to include sources anytime I state something as fact.