Obama and McCain – It’s a Dance off!

By now we’ve seen the picture of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin’s appearance together on Dancing with the Stars.  [Click here]

Both Obama and John McCain have agreed to a dance off.  If Obama wins, McCain will discontinue the smear campaign.  If McCain wins, Obama must do another town hall before the election.


For an added bonus, in a special election night Dancing with the Political Stars, Barack Obama will once again take on John McCain for all the marbles.


Great work on these dance videos by MiniMovie.com.


4 responses to “Obama and McCain – It’s a Dance off!

  1. Marc Cappelletti

    Absolutely hilarious. What’s next? Obama and McCain on Project Runway?

  2. yeah, this is good, but Im one of the people who voted that we are all losers 😀

  3. That would have been my vote too. I thought Bush’s dance was great.

  4. After Project Runway, Obama and McCain can compete on Iron Chef… the White House.