Voter problems – Videoing your vote

Expectations are high that there will be problems at voting precincts on the day of the election.  Early voting states are already reporting problems. 

West Virginia:  Numerous people, voting on touch screen machines, have claimed that they attempted to vote for Obama – Biden only to have McCain – Palin selected as their choice.  This issue was also highly reported in 2004 on touch screens.  Interestingly all reports were from people who attempted to vote for the Democratic candidate, John Kerry, only to see their vote come up for George Bush.  Not one instance in 2004 nor so far in 2008 have come up the other way.  I find that curious. 

Does it appear that Homer Simpson attempted to vote in West Virginia?

Colorado:  If reports are true, more than 10 million voters have been purged from rolls across the United States between 2004 an 2006 based on questionable grounds.   In Colorado, Republican secretary of state, Donetta Davidson – who has since been appointed by George Bush to the Election Assistance Commission – and her successor Republican Mike Coffman oversaw the purging of almost one-sixth of Colorado’s registered voters.  They’ll be sure to have a surprise when they attempt to vote.

The Denver Post recently ran a story where Coffman rejected claims of voter purging, yet he didn’t dispute the claims on an individual basis.  He admitted that 2,454 voters had been purged within 90 days of an election and Coffman is determining whether this violates federal law.

Four thousand voters were given bad information, thus they won’t appear on the rolls.  Coffman admits that this is the fault of his office.  Another 37,000 were removed during a 3-week period in July which exceeds the number of deaths and people moving out of Colorado.

Where voter registration for this election is at an all-time high, how can Colorado see a net loss of 100,000 voters since 2004?  There is much more to this story – Colorado disputes voter purge.

Florida:  After the 2000 debacle of the ‘hanging chads’, Florida quickly implemented the touch screen voting machines which brought in a new wave of problems.  The biggest complaint is that these machines did not provide a paper trail so there was no way to verify the accuracy of the counting of the votes.  It also prevented any chance of a recount and put control of our elections into the company that provided the machines.

This year, the touch screen voting is gone.  Now, many will have to bubble their selections directly on the ballot.  Once completed, the voter inserts the ballot into a machine which counts the votes.  This will open up an entire new slew of issues.  First of all, since these are new voting procedures, there will invariably be delays causing people to leave rather than wait.  Second, paper being inserted into a machine ultimately jams, causing delays and possibly lost votes.

What you can do:  One of the thoughts I had was to go to the precinct near my home ready to tape anything that looked suspicious.  If theft was occurring, I’m sure everything was being done to prevent anyone from capturing it.  As it turns out, you cannot bring video equipment into the polling place in many locations, which is exactly where all the problems are occurring. 

But if someone is disenfranchised, they will come out of the polling place angry.   So if you follow the rules, you may be able to get an interview with a disenfranchised voter.  Watch this video:  Videoing your vote.



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