All McCain has left is theft

Watch this video from TPMTV and you will see just how difficult a task it is for John McCain to win this election fairly.  As it stands, Barack Obama should easily have 252 electoral votes which would be the same states won by John Kerry in 2004. 

Add Iowa and Obama is up to 259.  It has been reported that McCain has conceded Colorado and New Mexico.  If that is true, then this puts Obama over the top.

That means if McCain wins every other battleground state, most of which he currently trails, he still would lose this election.  The only option that would leave is McCain winning a solid Obama state. 

In order for McCain to win, he would either have to win Pennsylvania (a state McCain is heavily targeting and trailing) or Virginia and, say, New Hampshire.



Realistically, this would leave theft as the only viable option available for a McCain victory.  (We can also add scare tactics as McCain is obviously intent on making us scared of Barack Obama.)  Reports of problems are already coming in from early voting sites which I will address in an upcoming post. 

To get a heads up, go to Steal Back Your Vote – a site by Greg Palast and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  The two wrote an article for this week’s Rolling Stone magazine called Block the Vote.  This is mandatory reading. 

Watch this report by Greg Palast from Democracy Now! 


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