Minnesotans – Vote out Michele Bachmann

I don’t think I’ve ever heard Michele Bachmann say something that was positive about our democracy.  She is just a political hack and it is time for her to leave Congress.   Her comments in an interview with Chris Matthews should be a wakeup call to everyone in her district. 

Her opponent in this race is El Tinklenberg.  Check out his website at Tinklenberg08.

He needs our help to defeat Bachmann in this right leaning district. 

Watch Michele Bachmann lie as she attempts to weasel her way out of the statements she made with Matthews.


For context purposes, here is the full Bachmann – Matthews interview.  Watch Chris keep giving her more rope.


Remember Tinklenberg ’08!


3 responses to “Minnesotans – Vote out Michele Bachmann

  1. She is a disgrace to an otherwise good liberal state that has good political instincts.

  2. I agree with Michele Bachmann. I just wish she stood up for her beliefs more instead of back peddling when the media railroaded her. Plain and simple, anything in our government today that is not in line with what our founders envisioned for our great country is “anti-American”. That’s why Obama continues to talk about drastically changing the “fundamentals” of our country. He’s anti-American. Why is it so wrong to speak the truth? He is not for the country that was founded by the people for the people. He is for a “new america” where government takes from the rich and “spreads it around a little”. Why not just be honest about it. Good for you Michele for speaking TRUTH! I wish more politicians had your guts!

  3. Wow, Lisa. You have some serious issues. Just because someone has a different opinion that you does not make them anti-American. Who the hell do you think you are to try to hijack the term American?
    I always thought it was sad that people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Michele Bachmann had such extreme positions. What is sadder still is that people like you, Lisa, who buy into this crap hook, line and sinker.

    Because you and I differ in our opinions on the direction the country should go doesn’t make one of us American and the other anti-American. But the fact that you think it makes me anti-American makes you intolerant.